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N.º AP/32/DCS/2018 DATA 2018-08-16 HORA: 19h30



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According to information provided by the IPMA, the following is expected in the coming days:

  • Maximum temperature between 30 and 36ºC in the interior and Minho and Doutro Litoral regions. Minimum temperature close to 20ºC in the interior central regions and in Minho and Doutro-Litoral.
  • Relative air humidity (HRA) between 15% and 20% in the interior regions, with night time recovery at high levels, above 90% in the southern and central coastal regions, and for intermediate values, above 65% in the other region .
  • A decrease in the wind intensity, blowing temporarily moderate (up to 30 km / h) from the northwest on the west coast, especially during the afternoon, being strong (up to 40 km / h) from the Northeast in the highlands of the North and Centre regions until middle of the morning and towards the end of the day.
  • Conditions of weather instability during the afternoon in the inner centre regions, with a tendency to increase in the following days especially in the interior regions.

This meteorological scenario translates into a maximum fire risk index in many municipalities of the interior north and centre, Minho, Douro littoral and northern Alentejo, and at a high and very high level in the other municipalities.



Depending on the weather forecast, it is expected:

Warm weather and moderate wind with favourable conditions for the eventual occurrence and spread of rural fires.



The ANPC reminds people that, according to the legal provisions in force, it is not allowed:

  • Carrying out burnings and lighting bonfires for recreation, leisure or cooking;
  • Using burning and combustion equipment intended for lighting or cooking;
  • Burning cut scrub and other waste piles, as well as any other kind of farm surplus;
  • Releasing balloons with a lit fuse or any other type of rockets/fireworks;
  • Smoking, lighting fires or using naked flames of any kind in the forest spaces and paths/roads that surround them;
  • Fumigating and pest control in apiaries with devices that are not fitted with spark-retention devices.

The ANPC also reminds people of some special precautions to take, in view of the predicted meteorological conditions, in carrying out agricultural and forestry work, namely:

  • Keep machines and equipment clean of oils and dust;
  • Fill machines in cold and in a place with little vegetation;
  • Be careful to avoid sparks during handling of equipment, avoiding using them during hot periods.

The ANPC also recommends the need for everyone to adapt their behaviour and activities in view of the danger of rural fires, in particular by adopting the necessary precautionary measures, taking into account the existing prohibitions and paying particular attention to the evolution of the fire hazard to the next few days, available at the websites of the ANPC and the IPMA, with the Forestry Technical Offices of the City Councils and Fire Departments.

The ANPC also recommends scrupulously observing the recommendations of the Directorate-General for Health regarding self-protection measures relevant to the current meteorological situation.

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