So far this year the GNR and PSP have caught an average of almost 13 000 drunk drivers at the wheel with an alcohol rate of 1.20 g/l which is a criminal offence. This averages 47 per day.

This is an increase of 1900 cases compared to last year. In addition the PSP and GNR caught 181 345 drivers with alcohol rates between 0.20 and 1.19 g / l. In total, each day some 709 people are caught drunk driving.

According to data from police reported in Correio da Manha, between January 1 and 1st October the GNR stopped 8720 drivers and the PSP 4274, who had crime alcohol limit equal to or greater than 1.20 g / l.

The highest number of drink driving cases have taken place in Braga 2791 with 971 arrests; Algarve 2620 with 936 arrests and Averio 268 with 1281 arrests.

“These figures are of concern and this why we are strengthening prevention operations. The drink driving together with speeding and the non – wearing of seat belts are the major causes of fatal accidents”, said the GNR source. The GNR is also concerned of the large proportion of drivers who had been caught over the criminal alcohol rate. In the three areas above some 39% of drivers caught were 1.20 g/l or over. It’s a very high proportion and it deserves reflection and probably increasing the penalties,” he argues.