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Lagoa – Person arrested for sexual abuse of a minor

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

The Judicial Police, through the Department of Criminal Investigation of Portimão, identified and arrested a 43 year old man for the alleged crime of sexual abuse of a minor.
The suspect, a close relative of the minor, had continuously carried out this abuse over a period of two years. The victim is aged 13 years old  and the abuse was carried out inside her residence, in the municipality of Lagoa.
The detainee, will be subject to judicial interrogation for measures to be taken by the appropriate authority.

PSP Faro District -Sign language training in English and German for PSP officers

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Under the scope of the project “Algarve – Safe Destination” which runs from May 2013 to 2016, the PSP Faro District Command has introduced a training program for officers in sign language in English and German.

The program is being run in partnership with GESTINESQUECIVEL Association of the Deaf, is aimed at providing officers with effective knowledge of this language, to improve communication, interaction and quality service between deaf communities and listeners.

The training will have an initial duration of 36 hours and is being delivered at the headquarters of the PSP Command in Faro by GESTINESQUECIVEL Association of the Deaf. A total of 16 officers are attending Phase 1 of the program.

“Algarve – Safe Destination” is aimed at ensuring the Algarve becomes the safest holiday in Europe

Two arrested in Vila do Bispo for cannabis cultivation

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

It was reported on 13th February that following a one month investigation GNR Vila do Bispo arrested two persons for the cultivation of cannabis at their home in Bavao de S.Miguel, Vila do Bispo.

The persons arrested were a woman aged 23 years and a man aged 27 years. A total of 250 doses of hashish was seized as well as other items connected with the cultivation of the drug.


Robbery at Finances Department Office Loulé by masked men

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

On 12th February 2014 at 1430 hrs just before closing time, two masked men entered the Finances Department offices in Loulé and fled with money from a cashier. The men were reported to be wearing gloves in addition to masks.

Apart from panic among staff and customers at the time there were no injuries. The amount taken has not been disclosed.

The GNR responded but the culprits had fled. The investigation has been handed over to the Judicial Police.

Portimão – Persons arrested for burglary

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

On 10 February, at 19.00 hrs, the PSP Police Criminal Investigation unit of Portimão arrested a foreign citizen age 16, for possession / trafficking of narcotics and suspected thefts in several residences.

In recent weeks the unit has been investigating some burglaries in homes during the daytime where the culprits broke in by scaling walls, particularly at dwellings located on ground floors. This included surveillance in a number of areas.

The detainee, along with three other young people aged between 16 and 17, were approached after acting suspiciously in a residential area in Portimão. So far it has been able to link them to four thefts during recent weeks.

When the suspects were detained 59 doses of hashish and a weapon were seized, as well as recovering a number of stolen items such as mobile phones, play stations, cameras, a laptop, a hard drive, an MP4, various jewellery and watches.

European Safer Internet Day – 11th February

Monday, February 10th, 2014

The GNR in conjunction with Microsoft Portugal will be marking the European Safer Internet Day on 11th February with more than 700 training sessions throughout the country, aimed at the educational community (students, teachers, parents and carers) with the aim of raising awareness of the need for safety and awareness in the use of the internet.

On 11th and throughout the week, these sessions will be conducted by 311 officers of the GNR School liaison program and more than 200 volunteers from Microsoft, targeting more than 30,000 students from elementary and secondary education in more than 200 schools nationwide.

It is intended to stimulate learning about the dangers of the online world and as well as encouraging safe Internet use, in its different dimensions: navigation, communication and socialization, accountability and protection of personal data.

GNR Enforcement operation concerning dangerous dogs

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

On 4th and 5th February the GNR Nature and Environment Unit (SEPNA), in coordination with  Criminal Investigation units, conducted enforcement action throughout the country, concerning the ownership/registration of dogs, with particular focus on breeds considered dangerous or potentially dangerous.
A total of 1004 checks were made resulting in 496 contravention notices being served (133 to 363 potentially dangerous breeds and other breeds respectively), also resulting in the seizure of five animals.


Regarding potentially dangerous breeds of dogs, the most frequent offenses were: lack of registration, license or expired license, lack of sterilization; housing conditions without security and lack of valid liability insurance.


With regard to other breeds,  most offenses were related to: lack of detention, possession and movement license, lack of registration, lack of rabies vaccination and lack of electronic identification – chip.

Barclays Bank Customer’s Details Stolen and Sold

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

Investigations have been launched after a report in the Mail on Sunday (9th February 2014) that thousands of confidential files with details of Barclays Bank customers had been stolen and sold.

The Mail on Sunday said a database of information on up to 27,000 customers was sold to “unscrupulous brokers”.

It reportedly covered money and health matters and attitude to risk, national insurance and passport numbers.

Barclays said it had contacted regulators and would help authorities in “pursuing the perpetrator”.

The newspaper said the leak was exposed by an anonymous whistleblower who handed it a memory stick containing personal data belonging to 2,000 Barclays customers.

He said data belonging to a further 25,000 was on sale for £50 per customer, the Mail added.

The report said the data included earnings, savings, mortgages, insurance policies, health issues and attitude to risk, as well as national insurance and passport numbers, and was “worth millions on the black market because it allowed unsuspecting individuals to be targeted in investment scams”.

A Barclays Bank spokesman said “This appears to be criminal action and we will co-operate with the authorities in pursuing the perpetrator”

The customers in question had originally contacted the bank seeking financial advice from Barclays Financial Planning, which was shut down in 2011.

The Information Commissioner’s Office said it would be working with the newspaper and police who were seeking more details.

The maximum fine for losing personal data is £500,000.

Barclays said it had contacted regulators as soon as it had been made aware, adding that it was grateful to the Mail on Sunday for bringing this to its attention.

”We will take all necessary steps to contact and advise those customers as soon as possible so that they can also ensure the safety of their personal data,” a Barclays spokesman said.

He said protecting customers’ data was a “top priority”


Albufeira – Four arrested for drug trafficking

Friday, February 7th, 2014

On 7th February at 0530 hrs a detachment from GNR Albufeira arrested four people, three men and a woman , wanted in connection with drug trafficking and illegal gun possession.

During a surveillance against drug trafficking in the  area they stopped a car on the IC 1.

After searching the car, the GNR discovered and seized a 6:35 caliber pistol which was hidden inside the car and enough narcotic product for 2625 individual doses of heroin. Also sized was a kilogram of the drug used for cutting and packing.

Two of those arrested were found to be illegally in the country. Those arrested, aged between 26 and 30 years from Quarteira and Amadora , will appear in court with an application to be remanded in custody.

Judicial Police arrest person for armed robbery in Albufeira

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

On 5th February 2014, the Judicial Police arrested a man for robbery with the use of a firearm.

On the evening of 6th May 2013, the detainee accompanied by another individual, entered into a residence in Albufeira, in possession of a pistol, a shotgun and other weapons and threatened the owners, a couple who were asleep at the time.

The suspect is also wanted in connection with another robbery with a firearm also in Albufeira, in June 2013.

The accused aged 26-year-old is to appear in court with an application to be remanded in custody.