On 28th May 2014, following a 5 month investigation, PSP Lagos arrested two foreign nationals aged 36 and 32 years for trafficking in narcotics.

These arrests came as a result of efforts by the Lagos Police to eradicate drug trafficking in the city of Lagos. As a result of the investigation it was possible to identify those involved in the supply of narcotics to consumers that city.

During the execution of search warrants issued by Judicial Authority, 442 doses of heroin, 220 doses of cocaine, 24 doses of hashish, € 1,176 in cash, two precision scales, one electric mill, 4 computers , 8 phones , two cameras, one canister of CS gas and several gold articles were seized.

With these arrests the District Command of Faro believed to have contributed to improving the feeling of security among residents of Lagos .

The two will appear before the  Judicial Authority today.


On 28th May 2014 the Safe Summer police reinforcement programme was announced at a ceremony attended by the Minister for Internal Affairs Miguel Macedo in Faro.

The event was hosted by Desiderio Silva President of Turismo do Algarve and attended by the General Commander of the GNR, National Director of the PSP and Secretary of State for Tourism Adolfo Nunes. Safe Communities Algarve represented by David Thomas President and Lilia Martins Board member also attended.

During the presentations it was announced that an additional 30 PSP officers per day would be present in the Algarve for the period 1st June to 15th September 2014 a period of 107 days. There would also be an additional 200 permanent GNR officers plus 336 on a non-permanent basis to cover various major events being planned in the Algarve during the holiday period.

The PSP Faro District Commander Superintendent  Antonio Silva then gave a detailed presentation on the 4 year plan concerning police during the Safe Summer period. Twelve initiatives were announced which included partnerships with the University of the Algarve as well as implementing the protocol with Safe Communities Algarve.

He added that in 2013 within the areas of the PSP jurisdiction which covered 67.5% of the population in the Algarve, overall crime had decreased by 4.48% compared to 2012 and violent crime by 18.6%.

A presentation was also given by the Regional Director of SEF for the Algarve Fatima Teixeira outlining the population distribution of foreign residents in the Algarve and movement at boarder crossing and arrival/departure points.



On 26th May 2014, two Algerian men appeared in court in Loule following their arrest for a series of robberies which took place in Quinta do Lago, Loule municipality in August last year.

The men who were wanted by INTERPOL, for robberies in Monaco and Marseille, were arrested in their hotel room in Quateria on 18th August 2013. Their modus operandi was steel handbags from beaches and use the keys found in bags to enter hotel rooms and homes in the area. They then stole jewelery and watches most of which have since been returned to the owners.

The robbers were arrested by GNR Loule after they were seen on CCTV. It is believed that the robbers entered Portugal using false passports and carried out at least 6 robberies in a period of a few days before being arrested.

Media reports at the time that an investigation was also being undertaken into the proceeds of the robbers being used to fund extremest groups are unfounded.



To mark World Children’s Day, the Territorial Command of Faro National Guard will hold on Sunday st June 2014 between 10.00 and 13.00 hrs an exhibition together with various activities at Avenida Infante de Sagres, Quarteira.

The event will included an exhibition, displays, road safety and other activities suitable for all children.

With this initiative, the Territorial Command of Faro intends to show the population the capacity and vitality that the GNR has, as well how it has increased it’s engagement with children of all ages.



On 2nd and 3rd June 2014, the Public Security Police (PSP) will hold, in the Auditorium of the Metropolitan Command Lisbon, the Public Security Police, located at Avenida de Moscavide, s / n – Building PSP – 1885 – 502 Moscavide, an auction of confiscated and seized firearms through verbal bidding, the winners be the highest bidders.

The following may participate in this auction:
• Citizens legally exempt from use and possession of a firearm license;
• Holders of carrying and use proper gun to class part auction license;
• Holders of permits gunsmiths of types 2 and 3, depending on the class of parts present the auction;
• The collector license holders and associations of collectors with a museum.

For this auction PSP has selected a total of 250 guns, in perfect working order and in good state of maintenance, distributed by the following classes:
• Class B – 60;
• Class B1 – 60;
• Class C – 20;
• Class D – 100;
• G Class – 10.

The base bid price stated in affixed next to each gun (lot) will be posted on a display label, and will be sufficiently low to give an equal opportunity to different potential buyers.

As a matter of safety and transparency, a summary verification shall be performed within the limits of detention, particularly of weapons of class B and B1.

NOTE: Guns are on display for inspection by interested parties in the Lisbon Metropolitan Command, the Public Security Police, located at Avenida de Moscavide, no. 88 – Building the PSP – 1886-502 Moscavide duly cataloged on days 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 May 2014, from 10h00 to 12h00 and from 14h00 to 16h00.


It was reported on 24th May 2014 that agents of the Spanish National Police in cooperation with the tax authorities have broken up an organization dedicated to drug trafficking which involved more than 276 kilos of cocaine. The group, based in Valencia, used different trafficking methods including hiding the drugs in container ships, inside passenger baggage on overseas flights or in vehicles.

In addition to the narcotics a  total of 254,000 euros, five vehicles, hydraulic presses, a pistol and a revolver were seized. During the operation 11 people were arrested as alleged perpetrators of crimes against public health.

The investigation began in 2013 when agents learned of the existence of a criminal organization based in Valencia, composed of Colombians and Spaniards.

The first result of the investigation took place in May 2013 with the arrest in Valencia of  six members of the group in which 11.5 kilograms of cocaine, 251,000 euros, three vehicles and a revolver were seized. Having learned of the arrests, the supplier of the narcotic substance and head of the organization quickly left the country.

The officers continued investigations primarily responsible for the organization and found that the leader was planning his return to Spain to continue the importation of cocaine. 

With existing police cooperation between Portugal and Spain, the Portuguese police, with the data provided by the Spanish agents arrested a man of Spanish nationality who had 4,650 grams of cocaine hidden in her luggage upon arrival at the neighboring country from South America .

In early February this year, the officers, in collaboration with the Inland Revenue, seized in the port of Bilbao 220 kilograms of cocaine that were hidden inside a container ship had left the harbor Rotterdam ( Netherlands), in the form of “blind hook” which consists of introducing the drug between the load without any connivance on the part of the owner of the shipment.

Later researchers discovered that the transfer of the narcotic substance had provided vehicles double bottoms or “caches”. After knowing this, the agents found that the organization was planning to move a consignment of cocaine hidden in a false bottom of a vehicle from the city of Malaga to Valencia. In March the agents had suspicions that one of these cars could contain narcotics. Subsequently 40 kilograms of cocaine were located and seized.

Finally, the operation culminated with the location and arrest of the head of the organization, who was hiding in a house in a suburb of San Antonio de Benagéber (Valencia). 


Friday 30th May 2014 from 1600 to 1800 hrs, Junta de Freguesia de Monchique

The critical wildfire period is fast approaching. To safeguard public safety it is important that we are all aware of fire prevention at this time of the year. This is particularly the case in Monchique where the fire risk has already reached “extreme” on a number of occasions recently.

In order that residents have all the information needed Safe Communities Algarve and the GNR Portimão is holding, together with the participation of the ANPC (Civil Protection Agency) a display and seminar where people can speak to the experts involved and view some of the emergency equipment.

This event is focused at those living in rural areas and will be in English. Captain Rui Cardona Commander of GNR Portimão will be present together with GNR specialist units including SEPNA responsible for environment protection including cruelty to animals and GIPS responsible for responding to emergencies. The GNR Safe Residence Team will also be present.

The first two seminars in Santa Barbara and Sao Bras were very well received with many questions, ranging from hunting, cutting protected trees, cleaning land, keeping animals, animal licensing, how to contact the emergency services, poisonous snakes, lightening strikes and lightening conductors and reporting fire hazards.

The event is free of charge. The Junta de Freguesia de Monchique is located at Rua D. Francisco Gomes do Avelar, 8

If you would like to attend please register with Associação Safe Communities Algarve at 913045093 or


According to a BBC News report dated 21st May 2014, the US firm ebay has issued a statement that its database had been hacked between late February and early March, and had contained encrypted passwords and other non-financial data.

The company added that it had no evidence of there being unauthorised activity on its members’ accounts. However, it said that changing the passwords was “best practice and will help enhance security for eBay users”.

The California-based company has 128 million active users and accounted for $212bn (£126bn) worth of commerce on its various marketplaces and other services in 2013.

A post on eBay’s corporate site said that cyber-attackers accessed the information after obtaining “a small number of employee log-in credentials”, allowing them to access its systems – something it only became aware of a fortnight ago.

“The database… included eBay customers’ name, encrypted password, email address, physical address, phone number and date of birth,” it said.

“However, the database did not contain financial information or other confidential personal information.

“Extensive forensics subsequently identified the compromised eBay database, resulting in the company’s announcement today.”

Although the firm also owns the PayPal money transfer service, it said that the division’s data was stored separately, encrypted and that there was no evidence that it had been accessed.

It added that any members who used the same login details used on eBay for other sites should also update them.

EBay has not provided any information about the kind of encryption it used.

One expert said there was still a concern that the hackers might be able to make use of their haul.

“We all know that given enough time hackers can crack some encrypted password files,” said Alan Woodward, an independent security consultant.

“The slightly worrying aspect of this is that the hackers have a nice neat list of personal information, which can be used to steal identities or even help them get around other systems though password reset scams.”


On the afternoon of 19th May 2014, GNR Lagos arrested a man and a woman aged 24 and 23 years respectively on suspicion of drug trafficking.

The suspects were apprehended after being followed on National Highway 125, in Lagos. They were found to be carrying 756 doses of heroin which was seized as well as two mobile phones and 70 euros in cash.

They will appear in court.



On 19th May 2014 at around 1450 hrs PSP Faro, detained two Portuguese citizens, aged 34 and 33 years , at Rua Douter Guilhere  Centazzi in Faro, moments after committing a theft at a residence at Av Cidade Haywood, Faro.

After the report of the theft was made the PSP agents who were closeby chased the fleeing culprits. The culprits then boarded a vehicle and drove at high speed ignoring traffic rules and endangering the public, followed by the PSP.

They were finally apprehended and the vehicle searched. A suitcase was found containing several stolen items valued about 250 €, plus other items that were inside the vehicle suspected of having also been stolen.