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GNR Albufeira arrest person for drug trafficking and possession of a firearm

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

On 31st July 2014 GNR  Albufeira arrested a Portuguese citizen aged 41 years for the crime of drug trafficking and illegal gun possession.

During an anti-crime operation conducted by GNR patrols they observed at the car park of Albufeira Bullring at about 03h30, an individual standing next to a car acting suspiciously. The GNR patrol approached the vehicle and its occupant and on conducting a search found 119 individual doses of cocaine inside a plastic bag from the front seat of the vehicle.

In addition to the narcotic product they discovered a firearm (pistol) with the appropriate ammunition, which was found hidden inside a garment in a hidden compartment of the vehicle. In the trunk of the car they also found and seized 24 mobile phones, 03 laptops ,a video games console, a mixing music, a drill, a safe, a precision scale, and €32 with various ATM receipts  not belonging to the target.

The detainee, a resident in the city of Faro, will appear before the Judicial District Court of Albufeira for determination of remand/reporting conditions.

Judicial Police arrest suspects for the crime of drug trafficking in Olhão, Faro and Loulé.

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

The Judicial Police in the south area reported on 30th July that they have identified and arrested three men suspected of the crime of drug trafficking.

One suspect was arrested in Olhão, as he prepared to make the sale of narcotic products and the other two were arrested in a room where they were packing the product.

In the search 159 doses of cocaine, a precision scale, other packaging equipment, mobile phones, computer equipment and a €100 in cash.

The investigations have indicated that the arrested persons are responsible for the supply of cocaine in the areas of Olhão, Faro and Loulé.

Those arrested, aged between 21 and 31 years, will be present at the first court hearing for the application of remand/reporting conditions.

Viseu – SEF detains foreigner for illegal immigration and pimping

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

SEF in the area of Viseu, have detained a foreign citizen on suspicion of committing various crimes, including pimping and aiding illegal immigration. The citizen in question is related to a number of individuals who, in the district of Viseu, ran nightlife establishments involving prostitution associated with them The prostitutes were mainly Portuguese and foreign women.

The SEF operation lasted just over a week, which included searches of multiple sites and led to the closure of an area and the establishments of several defendants.

The citizen is now under remand awaiting the outcome of court hearing

Spanish law authorities arrest 36 drug traffickers

Monday, July 28th, 2014

It was reported by Europol on 22nd July that a total of 36 people have been arrested and four others have been charged with belonging to an organised criminal group engaged in drugs trafficking from the Spanish enclave of Melilla into Europe. Among those arrested was the head of the criminal group, a Dutch national with Moroccan origin.

The Spanish Guardia Civil, working with Europol, also seized cannabis resin totalling over half a tonne, EUR 124 000 in cash, a sports boat, a jet ski and 22 luxury vehicles, two of which were equipped with sophisticated concealment systems. In addition computers, extensive documentation, 47 mobile phones, 3 GPS systems and a maritime GPS belonging to the boat were seized. The seizures were a result of searches carried out in houses in Melilla (5), Málaga (2), Almería (4), Madrid (2) and Amsterdam (2), a boat in Almeria and a shop in Madrid.

The investigation began in July 2013, when the Guardia Civil started to pursue an alleged international organised crime group involved in drug trafficking activities. Officers discovered vehicles equipped with false bottoms that were being used to smuggle cannabis resin from Morocco/Spain to different EU countries including the Netherlands and Germany. The vehicles were crossing from Morocco to Spain via Melilla on passenger ferries, often travelling with young children in order to avoid suspicion. The criminal groups used very sophisticated concealment techniques in bottom of the vehicles, making them almost impossible to detect. They also constantly changed vehicles and routes to avoid detection.

In addition to hosting technical meetings and providing operational support, Europol extracted data contained in the seized mobile phones and other electronic storage devices, resulting in 47 separate reports to the investigative team. In addition, Europol experts will cross-check the extracted data and carry out any appropriate intelligence analysis. International support for the operation also came from Eurojust, who coordinated activities at the judicial level including European Arrest Warrants.

Loulé – GNR arrest three persons for theft and drug trafficking

Monday, July 28th, 2014

On 27th July 2014 the criminal investigation unit of GNR Loulé, in collaboration with the GNR Quarteira, conducted an operation to combat drug trafficking by executing two search warrants at two residences located in Quarteira.

The operation, was a culmination of an investigation into theft and larceny crimes, resulting in the arrest of three people aged 22, 27 and 28-year-old indicted for theft and drug trafficking.

During the operation 65 individual doses of cocaine and 25 of  hashish was also seized as well as several objects thought to be connected with the unlawful activity namely a game console, an iPod, a camera six mobile phones and even a clock.

The GNR consider that this has tackled those responsible for burglary and theft that occurred in recent days in Quarteira and Vilamoura.

Detainees, originating from the metropolitan area of ​​Lisbon, will appear at the Judicial District Court of Loulé for application of remand conditions.

GNR Albufeira arrest a foreign national arrested for over 10 thefts from hotels.

Monday, July 28th, 2014

On 21st July 2014 a 36 year old British national was arrested whilst leaving a hotel in Albufeira carrying a stolen backpack.

The suspect was seen by the owner of the backpack who recognized the bag as belonging to him. The GNR were called and the man arrested. According to reported the culprit lives in Lisbon and was visiting the Algarve. He is suspected carrying out at least 10 thefts in hotels in the Algarve and other areas of Portugal as well as Malaga and Ibiza.

On being seen by the owner of the backpack he tried to flee but was intercepted by the GNR.

A number of items were recovered including cash.



Burglary report at Montechoro, Albufeira

Monday, July 28th, 2014

It was reported in the local media on 26th July 2014 that a property in Montechoro, Albufeira rented by a group of Spanish tourists had been broken into and over €100 in cash stolen.

The culprit(s) entered by breaking a rear window. According to the report they found the key to the hire car parked in the driveway but the car was not stolen. There was an attempt to break into the neighbouring houses but without success.

Quarteira – Report of domestic violence results in arms seizure

Monday, July 28th, 2014

On 24th July 2014, the GNR who had been investigation a case of domestic violence, visited a property in Quarteira and arrested a person for the illegal possession of firearms.

A total of two revolvers, a hunting rifle, a shotgun, an airgun and various types of ammunition pus a knife and baton were seized.

Alvor – Man arrested by GNR for drug trafficking

Monday, July 28th, 2014

On 25th July 2014 a 46 year old man was arrested by the GNR in Portimao in the area of Alvor for suspected drug dealing.

During an anti-drug operation in the area the GNR discovered 1635 doses of hashish; 2.3 gms of MDMA (ecstasy) and 2.4 gms of cannabis in his house and in a car.


Unlicensed beach sellers apprehended during operation at Rocha da Baixinha Maccente – Albufeira

Monday, July 28th, 2014

On 23rd July 2014 the Maritime Police during an operation at Rocha da Baixinha Maccente, Albufeira apprehended 16 hawkers, 8 of whom were found to be unlicensed.

One of them a 30 year old Brazilian reportedly was selling swimwear using an ATM card reader/terminal. She was employed by a nearby company but had gone to the beach to sell various swimwear items. The 8 unlicensed hawkers were find between €25 and €2500 euros and some 1000 items including watches, sunglasses, accessories and towels were seized.