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GNR Operational activities – Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Saturday, December 27th, 2014

On 24th and 25th December the GNR, in addition to their daily operational activities, carried out a series of operations aimed at preventing and combating violent crime, through roadside inspections in the following districts / territorial commands:

Aveiro; Beja; Braga; Bragança;  Coimbra; Evora; Faro;  Leiria; Lisbon;Porto; Portalegre; Santarém; Setúbal; Viana do Castelo; Vila Real and Viseu.

As a result of these operations 51 persons were arrested as follows: 29 for driving under the influence of alcohol; 12 for driving without legal authorization; one for theft;  four for drug trafficking; one for possession of prohibited weapons and three for other crimes. 

Most significant seizures were: 147.78 doses of heroin; 34,36 doses of cocaine; 668.45 doses of hashish; a firearm; one private motor vehicle; 300 Swiss francs and 540 euros.

A total of 6225 drivers were checked and 2171 offenses were detected including: 65 driving with alcohol level higher exceeding the legal limit (in 6438 tests) and 1386 speeding (in 84 502 controls). 

For provisional data of road accidents were registered: 469 accidents; five dead; 11 serious injuries and 114 minor injuries.

Armed hotel robbery in Albufeira

Friday, December 26th, 2014

On 24th December in the early morning  an armed robbery took place at the Vila Gale Cerro Alagoa Hotel (a 4 star hotel) in Albuferia.

Two men with their faces covered in stockings and armed, threatened a receptionist and fled with Euros 600.

The Judicial Police are investigating. 

PSP arrest four persons for drug trafficking in Olhao

Friday, December 26th, 2014

It was reported on 23rd December that the PSP had arrested in Olhao three men aged 27-30 years and a woman for drug trafficking.

the arrests following an 8 month investigation and during the operation a total of 25,954 of hashish, an adapted firearm, two alarm pistols, an extendable baton and Euros 8730 in cash was seized.

The persons arrested have been placed in remand pending trial.

GNR Almancil arrest a person for burglary

Friday, December 26th, 2014

On 22nd December 2014 in the morning the GNR Almancil arrested a  33-year-old man for committing theft within a residence (burglary).

During an anti-crime operation in the area of Town For Sale – Loulé, the GNR saw a  person behaving in a suspicious manner, moving a tricycle in the street. The GNR approached the person concerned and discovered in a backpack that he was carrying, a cap, gloves and a screwdriver. A search of his residence subsequently took place were the GNR discovered and seized many objects that are suspected stolen, as well as two mobile phones, watches, jewelry, various tools and a camera. 

Former Hong Kong Deputy Leader an a Property Tycoon jailed for corruption

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

According to Agence France-Presse, Hong Kong’s former deputy leader Rafael Hui and property tycoon Thomas Kwok have been jailed after being convicted of corruption.

Hui, 66, was sent to prison on Tuesday (23rd December)  for seven and a half years after being found guilty of five graft charges, including misconduct in a public office, making him the highest-ranking official in Hong Kong’s history to be convicted of taking bribes.

Kwok, 63 – who was joint chairman of Hong Kong’s biggest property company, Sun Hung Kai – was sentenced to five years after he was found guilty of conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office over a series of payments totalling HK$8.5m to Hui.

The seven-month trial centred on a total of HK$34m in handouts which the prosecution said were made to Hui by Kwok and his billionaire brother, Raymond, to be their “eyes and ears” in government.

Raymond Kwok was cleared of all charges and Thomas cleared of two of the three against him.

Judge Andrew Macrae told Hui before sentencing: “To know that the former number two in government had received bribes must be a deep disappointment to many people in Hong Kong,” he said. “It is vitally important in these times the Hong Kong government and business community remain and are seen to remain corruption free, particularly when the mainland is taking obvious and positive steps to eradicate the cancer of corruption in their own jurisdiction.”

In sentencing Kwok, he said he had no doubt that he was “at heart a good man”. Macrae said he had considered a maximum sentence of six years but handed down one year less to account for Kwok’s good character.

Before the sentencing hearing, Macrae had described the case as difficult. “One is dealing with otherwise decent men who are not young, but who have committed serious offences,” he said, adding that going to prison would be a “particular hardship” for the defendants.

The payments to Hui were said to have been made via a series of complicated transactions involving middlemen.

Two middlemen, Sun Hung Kai former director Thomas Chan and Francis Kwan – the former non-executive director of investment firm New Environmental Energy Holdings – were also found guilty of two charges. Chan was sentenced to six years while Kwan was given five years.

SEF apprehends foreigner who had escaped from Prison in 2007

Sunday, December 21st, 2014

On 19th December the  Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) apprehended in Faro, a foreign citizen aged 40 years who had been on the run having escaped from prison in 2007, where he was serving a prison sentence for drug trafficking.

The prisoner was delivered to the Olhão Regional Prison after the authorities had determined his true identity. At the time of being apprehended he provide false identification.

Nine arrested and 90 kgs of Cocaine seized at Lisbon airport

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

The Judicial Police, through the National Unit for Combating Drug Trafficking, identified and arrested nine men suspected of drug trafficking offences, following ongoing investigations into the fight against international cocaine trafficking by air.

During the operation about 90 kilograms of cocaine, which came to Lisbon International Airport in suitcases from countries in South America was and were taken from the airport premises with the help of four airport employees, who have been arrested. Following the arrests 16 house searches were carried out and eight private motor vehicles, two motorcycles, about € 55,000 in cash, two weapons and two guns of large calibre, a (big game) carbine gun and another firearm similar to those used by the Portuguese army, were seized.

 The detainees, aged between 32 and 51, were present at the first judicial interrogation to determine remand/reporting conditions.

Minister of Internal Affairs visits GNR Headquarters

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

On 10th December, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Professor Anabela Miranda Rodrigues conducted her first visit to GNR Headquarter units.

 The visit began at the School of the Guard -. Queluz, at 10:15 hours, where there was a ceremony, during which the Minister officiated the delivery to the GNR of 175 vehicles (126 cars and 49 motorcycles), which will enhance the patrolling capacity of the various territorial commands, the National Traffic Unit and Fiscal Action Unit. 

During the visit to the headquarters in Lisbon, there was a briefing conducted by the GNR and a static exhibition  held to demonstrate the different capabilities of the GNR.

Operation “TIPSOL” ‘ GNR Drink Drive operation

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Between now and  14th December the GNR will be conduction Operation  TIPSOL throughout the national territory, aiming to step up surveillance of driving under the influence of alcohol and psychotropic substances and the fight against crime. 

During the operation 4836 GNR officers from the National Traffic Unit of Intervention Unit and the territorial commands, will carry out enforcement action against excess alcohol and psychotropic substance abuse at locations where this is more prevalent or in places where there is evidence of crime. 

Figures for 2013 and 2014, from January 1 to November 30 of each year, show that the number of drivers detected with alcohol in the blood above the legal limit has decreased from 2013 to 2014. Thus 1,045,510 tests were conducted in 2013  resulting in 28,969 exceeding the limit and 11,344 above the crime limit (equal to / greater than 1.20 g / l). In 2014 1,058,364 test were conducted, resulting in 24,332 over the limit and 9,316 above the crime rate level.

 This operation, the second to be conducted, is part of the strategy to combat road accidents, defined by the National Road Safety Strategy and the “Road Safety Programme 2011-2020” of the European Union, aimed at contributing to greater safety of all road users.

Pair sentenced for series of robberies in Albufeira

Monday, December 8th, 2014

Two men who were responsible for a number of robberies have been sentenced to seven and a half and six years in prison respectively at the conclusion of their trial in a court in Portimao.

In February 2014 the two persons broke into a residence in Albufeira and threatened the occupants with a knife and assaulted them before escaping. In June they were responsible for stealing handbags from two British women which also took place in Albufeira.