The annual Internal Security Report (RASI), approved on 30th March by the Homeland Security Council, which brings together all police, and enforcement agencies, reveals the lowest number of crimes, especially violent ones in the last 15 years.

Less than 7.1% in general crime, 11.6% in the most serious, crimes compared with last year. In 2016 there were 330,872 crimes, of which 16,761 were severe and violent.

Looking at the charts with the main types of crime, practically all of them have been reduced. In general crime those that increased were only “theft by opportunity” (12.1%) and “domestic violence against spouse” (1.4%) increased.

In violent and serious crime, only three categories increased: “extortion” (53.7%), and “serious physical offense” (11.1%). The largest volume of increases were in computer crime up 21.5% with 801 investigations opened.

The document states that in 2016 there were decreases in motor vehicle theft, theft of non-precious metals, counterfeiting, counterfeiting of currency, false currency passage, driving of vehicle with alcohol rate equal to or greater than 1.2 grams / liter and burglary, burglary, or false keys that collectively have less 13,558 participations compared to 2015.

By districts, Porto registered a decrease of 4,943 participations, followed by Lisbon (less 4,599), while Setúbal registered less 2,207 and Santarém less 2,078. Leiria obtained at least 1,878 registrations and Aveiro less 1,688 participations than in 2015.

In broader terms, RASI points to a sustained decline since 2008 which has seen overall crime drop from 421,037 crimes (2008) to 330,872 in 2016 (21% reduction).