On 6 January 2016, at 15:45, there was robbery at a CTT office at Rua do Rosario Street, Maia, Ribeira Grande municipality in the Autonomous Region of the Azores. The theft was committed by a Caucasian man age 54 years who threatened staff with two knives.

For the local police were immediately deployed by means of Regional Command PSP Azores, who arrived at the scene before the suspect could flee.

At the time of interception police, the suspect brandished the knives towards the police officers and struck a blow against a police officer, causing him a cut on the face.

However, the suspect continued to resist arrest and as the use of less-lethal police equipment proved inadequate to stop the attacks with bladed weapons, the police were forced to use firearms against person, to ensure their own safety and make the arrest.

Three shots were fired, the first, which also proved ineffective, and the two subsequent shots which hit the offender in the legs, thus causing least possible injury.


The injured person, plus the injured police officer was taken by the local emergency services to hospital for treatment.

Those injured are out of danger and the stolen items were fully recovered and returned to the CTT.

The detainee will be presented to the competent judicial authority and the use of the firearm will be evaluated by the National PSP Inspectorate (as in all open fire cases), given the regulatory framework on the use Force in the PSP.


The Portuguese Maritime Police haver rescued 1,810 migrants and refugees in the Aegean Sea, Greece, from October 1, 2015, under the Joint Operation POSEIDON SEA 2015.

The Maritime Police also provided first aid to fifteen people and made four arrests. Of 1810 migrants and refugees rescued by the PM team, 409 were infants and children and 381 were women.

The Maritime Police have been deployed as part as a EU operation to rescue migrants escaping from Syria, by crossing the Mediterranean.


At 1900 hrs on 31st December 2015, a retired PSP agent was shot dead by two robbers in a supermarket in Amadora, Lisbon.

The retired agent had gone to collect his wife who worked on the checkout counter at the supermarket. As he arrived at the store two persons approached the counter and tried to rob the store.  According to a report in the CM, the retired agent who works as a security guard at the Moderno College, Lisbon, fired a shot in the air from a 6.35 mm pistol he was carrying. At this point the robbers shot him dead and escaped.

The Judicial Police who are investigating the case, are reviewing CCTV images taken at the scene. The deceased, Jose Eduardo Paixão, is a native of Almodõvar and was married, with a son and two grandchildren.


The following is a list of roadside radar speed checks that will be conducted by the PSP police during the month of January 2016:

8-jan-16                07H00 Estrada Regional n.º 1 de 1.ª classe, no lugar da Atalaia, freguesia da Ribeirinha, concelho de Angra do Heroísmo, ilha Terceira
19-jan-16             13H00 Estrada Regional nº 1 de 1ª classe, lugar da Cruz das Cinco, freguesia das Cinco Ribeiras, concelho de Angra do Heroísmo, ilha Terceira
13-jan-16             16H00 Rua 5 de Outubro, freguesia da Conceição, concelho da Horta , ilha do Faial
20-jan-16             06H45 Av. Alberto I Príncipe do Mónaco, Freguesia Sta Clara, concelho de Ponta Delgada, ilha de S. Miguel
27-jan-16             07H00 Estrada Regional n.º 1 de 1.ª classe, no lugar do Cabo da Praia, freguesia do Cabo da Praia, concelho da Praia da Vitória, ilha Terceira


4-jan-16               08H00/14H00 EN 109 – KM 58.1 – Aveiro
6-jan-16               09H00/13H00 Rua 33 – Espinho
6-jan-16               15H00/19H00 Rua da Circunvalação – Santa Maria da Feira
7-jan-16               09H00/13H00 Av. da Régua – Ovar
8-jan-16               08H00/14H00 Av. da Universidade – GLÓRIA – Aveiro
11-jan-16              08H00/14H00 EN 16 – KM 0.5 (junto à CORVAUTO) – Aveiro
13-jan-16             08H00/14H00 Av. Sá Carneiro – GLÓRIA – Aveiro
15-jan-16             08H00/14H00 EN 109 – KM 58.1 – Aveiro
18-jan-16             08H00/14H00 EN 109 – KM 58.1 – Aveiro
22-jan-16             08H00/14H00 Av. Sá Carneiro – GLÓRIA – Aveiro
25-jan-16             08H00/14H00 EN 109 – KM 58.1 – Aveiro
28-jan-16             09H00/13H00 EN 109 – Espinho
28-jan-16             5H00/19H00 OVAR – EN 109 (junto à XAMAX) – Ovar
29-jan-16             08H00/14H00 EN 16 – KM 0.5 (junto à CORVAUTO) – Aveiro
29-jan-16             15H00/19H00 Av. Casadelo – São João da Madeira


13-jan-16             09H00/12H00 Av. Salgueiro Maia – Beja
20-jan-16             09H00/12H01 EN 255 – Moura
27-jan-16             09H00/12H00 Rua Zeca Afonso – Beja


5-jan-16               14H00/17H00 Av. Miguel Torga – Braga
7-jan-16               14H00/20H00 Circular Azurém – Guimarães
15-jan-16             21H00/01H00 Av. João Paulo II – Braga
25-jan-16             14H00/19H00 Circular de Barcelos ( Junto ao IPCA) – Bracelos
26-jan-16             09H00/12H00 Av. António Macedo – Braga
27-jan-16             14H00/16H00 Circular Nó Universidade – Guimarães


15-jan-16             08H00/14H00 Av. das Cantarias – Bragança
21-jan-16             08H00/14H00 Av. das Comunidades Europeias – Mirandela


7-jan-16               08H00/12H00 Alameda Pêro da Covilhã – Covilhã
8-jan-16               08H00/12H01 Chão de Santo André – Castelo Branco
14-jan-16             14H00/18H00 Av. da Europa – Castelo Branco
25-jan-16             08H00/12H00 Alameda Pêro da Covilhã – Covilhã


6-jan-16               08H00 Av. do Brasil – Figueira da Foz
11-jan-16             14H30 Via Augusto Vaz Serra – Coimbra
19-jan-16             14H30 IC2 Banhos Secos S/N – Coimbra
20-jan-16             08H00 Ponte Edgar Cardoso – Figueira da Foz
28-jan-16             10H00 Av. Fernando Namora – Coimbra
29-jan-16             14H00 Av. Dr. M. Gaspar de Lemos – Figueira da Foz


4-jan-16                08H30 EN 114 ao Évora hotel – Évora
6-jan-16                15H30 Av.Lino de Carvalho – Évora
11-jan-16              16H00 EN 254 (Redondo/Évora) – Évora
15-jan-16             09H00 EN 18, ao Gil – Estremoz
16-jan-16             10H00 EN 114-4 (Évora/Arraiolos) – Évora
27-jan-16             10H0 EN 18 ao Frei Aleixo (Évora/ Estremoz) – Évora
30-jan-16             10H00 EN 114-4 (Reguengos/ Évora) – Évora


7-jan-16               10H00 EN 125  – Faro
8-jan-16               15H00 Av. V2 – Portimão
14-jan-16             08H30 Av. D. João VI – Olhão
14-jan-16             10H00 Av. da Fonte Coberta – Lagos
20-jan-16             09H00 Av. de Castro Marim – Vila Real de Santo António
28-jan-16             10H00 EN 125 – Faro


27-jan-16             14H00 VICEG (Via de Cintura Externa da Guarda)


11-jan-16             14H00/17H00 Rua Ilídio Amado – Caldas da Rainha
20-jan-16             14H30/17H30 Av. comunidade Europeia – Leiria


2-jan-16                08H00  Via Expresso – Porto da Cruz
4-jan-16               08H00 VR1 desde a Rotunda do Caniçal até à Ribeira Brava
5-jan-16               14H00 Machico/Caniçal
6-jan-16               08H00 Estrada do Aeroporto – Tendeira – caniço
7-jan-16               14H00 Rua Pestana Júnior; Rua 5 de Outubro e Av. das Madalenas
8-jan-16               14H00 VR1 desde a Rotunda do Caniçal até à Ribeira Brava
8-jan-16               14H00 Via Expresso – Porto da Cruz
11-jan-16             08H00 Rua da Ribeira – Machico
12-jan-16             19H00 VR1 desde a Rotunda do Caniçal até à Ribeira Brava
13-jan-16             08H00 VR 1
13-jan-16             07H00 VR1 Km 6.0 – sentido Oeste/Este – Quinta grande
14-jan-16             19H00 Av. do Infante, Estrada Monumental e Rua Pestana Júnior
15-jan-16             14H00 VR1 desde a Rotunda do Caniçal até à Ribeira Brava
20-jan-16             14H00 Estrada do Carajau – Caniço
21-jan-16             08H00 Via Expresso – Porto da Cruz
22-jan-16              14H00 Via Expresso 1 Moinhos – Faial
23-jan-16             08H00 Via Expresso – Porto da Cruz
25-jan-16             08H00  Machico/Caniçal
25-jan-16             19H00 VR1 desde a Rotunda do Caniçal até à Ribeira Brava
27-jan-16             14H00 Rua Pestana Júnior; Rua 5 de Outubro e Av. das Madalenas
28-jan-16             8H00  Machico/Caniçal e Porto da Cruz
28-jan-16             18H00  Estrada do Aeroporto – Mãe de Deus – Caniço
29-jan-16             08H00 Rua Pestana Júnior, Rua 5 de Outubro e VR1
29-jan-16             14H00 VR1 desde a Rotunda do Caniçal até à Ribeira Brava
29-jan-16             19H00 Estrada Regional 222, Canhas – Concelho da Ponta do Sol


6-jan-16               09H00/17H00 Av. Marginal em frente Hotel Mirage em Cascais
7-jan-16               08H00 Estrada dos Salgados – Falagueira/Venda Nova
8-jan-16               07H30 Ponte 25 de Abril Norte/Sul
12-jan-16             14H30/16H00 Rua Elias Garcia – Rio de Mouro
13-jan-16             14H00/18H00 EN 10 Alhandra
14-jan-16              14H30/18H00 EN 6-3 Alto da Boa Viagem – Caxias, sentido Norte-Sul
16-jan-16              09H00/17H00 Av. Marginal em frente Hotel Mirage em Cascais
19-jan-16             14H00/17H00 Rua António Sérgio – S. Ant.º dos Cavaleiros (Escola Secundária Humberto Delgado)
21-jan-16             22H00 IC19 Sul/Norte
22-jan-16             07H30 Ponte 25 de Abril Norte/Sul
27-jan-16             8H00/12H00 EN 10 Sobralinho – Alhandra, piscinas da CIMPOR
29-jan-16             07H30 Rotunda do IC2 – Norte/Sul


5-jan-16               14H00/18H00 Av. Marechal Gomes da Costa – Porto
8-jan-16               08H00/12H00 Av. Dr. Antunes Guimarães – Leça Palmeira
12-jan-16             20H00/24H00 Av. D. João II – Oliveira do Douro
20-jan-16             08H00/12H00 Estrada da Circunvalação – 11124 – Matosinhos
26-jan-16             20H00/24H00 Estrada da Circunvalação, junto ao nº 9389, Porto
28-jan-16             14H00/18H00 Rua Ribeiro Cambado – Valongo


7-jan-16               08H00/11H00 Av. de Badajoz – Portalegre
18-jan-16             08H00/11H00 Av. do Dia de Portugal – Elvas


4-jan-16               08H00/12H00 Av. de Aljubarrota – Abrantes
7-jan-16                09H00/12H00 Rua Atriz Aida Rodrigues – Santarém
6-jan-16                08H00/12H00 Rua Serpa Pinto – Abrantes
14-jan-16             08H00/12H00 Av. dos Bombeiro Voluntários – Ourém
19-jan-16              14H00/18H00 Rua escola Regentes Agrícolas – Santarém
28-jan-16             15H30/19H30 Rua Engenheiro Ferreira Mesquita – Entroncamento
29-jan-16             13H00/17H00 Caminho Municipal n.º 1398 – Sítio da Patachoca – Cartaxo


4-jan-16                08H00/11H00 EN 10-3 – Barreiro
5-jan-16                08H00/13H00 EN 10-4 – Setúbal
6-jan-06               10H00/13H00 Av. 1.º de Maio – Amora
12-jan-16             14H00/20H00 Circular Externa/Av.ª Fialho Gouveia – Montijo
18-jan-16             14H00/18H00 Túnel Centro Sul (Sentido C. Caparica/Almada)


11-jan-16              09H30 Av. 25 de Abril – Viana do Castelo
14-jan-16             20H30 Av. Paulo VI – Darque – Viana do Castelo
21-jan-16             10H30 Estrada da Papanata – Viana do Castelo


7-jan-16               08H00/10H00 Av. Aureliano Barrigas – Vila Real
8-jan-16               08H00/10H00 Rua da Paz – Chaves
14-jan-16             13H30/15H30 Rua Vasco Sameiro  – Vila Real
19-jan-16             13H30/15H30 Av. Rainha Dona Mafalda – Chaves
28-jan-16             08H00/10H00 Av. Do Tâmega – Chaves
29-jan-16              08H00/10H00 Variante de Vila Nova – Vila Real


8-jan-16               14H00 Estrada Circunvalação – Viseu
13-jan-16             09H30 Av. Egas Moniz – Lamego
14-jan-16             08H00 Estrada de Nelas – Viseu
25-jan-16             08H00 Av. Prof. Reinaldo Cardoso – Viseu
26-jan-16             15H00 Av. Egas Moniz – Lamego




The GNR will be intensifying enforcement action throughout the country from 31st December to 3rd January

This will be aimed at those: driving under the influence of alcohol and psychotropic substances; speeding; driving without a licence:, failure to comply with traffic rules; incorrect or non-use of seat belts and restraint systems for children and improper cell phone use while driving.

Driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding and non-use of seat belts are three major cause of casualties on Portuguese roads, so the GNR urges all drivers to practice safe driving, prudent and alcohol free. More recent data indicates that the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol are so serious that one in three drivers killed in road accidents driving with an illegal blood alcohol rate.