The following article appeared recently in the Correio da Manha:
“Night was falling, rainy and cold on Saturday, February 13th. A dog with both fractured front legs lay in pain on the grass of the small public garden of Praia da Rocha, behind the Hotel Jupiter.
The situation caught the attention of some passers saddened by the plight of the animal.  When someone tried to approach for help, the dog struggle to its feet and tried to run before falling down. Two PSP agents Adelino Cunha and Aleixo Gouveia, together with Diamantino Duarte of ‘Shop Katie “, and Maria Manuela Liza, volunteer’ Cadala Carlota and Companhia protection association, attended the scene.
The relief efforts took more than three hours. The black and white, mongrel, medium size, had no collar and no one knew the owner. Could he had been abandoned or lost? If he had a chip it would allow him to be identified.  If it was urgent, a veterinarian could have been called or the animal taken to a clinic to be watched.
However, what seems like a simple task entails costs and risks. A dog when approached by strangers, can react and bite. There is a danger of rabies infection if the animal has not vaccines on time.
The patrol PSP tried to contact the municipal vet in the area but it was out of office hours – no answer. They contacted several private veterinary clinics, but none was willing to attend the site. The only available help was receiving the wounded dog in exchange for fees due.
The PSP agents tried out another way, by contacting the Bomberios, but they declined to assist as this was outside their competence.
It was decided to contact the Defense Association of Portimão Animals (ADAP), but they also declined to help, claiming they do not have financial resources. Moreover, the institution noted that already has too many animals in their care. The Cadala Carlota and Companhia protection association then informed the ADAP that she had found a person willing to care for the animal. She only asked it to be handled and transported by ADAP, which they declined to do.
Given the inflexibility of ADAP, voluntary assistance was asked from Luis Sykes, the Carlota association, which, came from Lagos, attend on-site and with the help of PSP officers took the animal, and provided for its adoption. The animal has been operate on by veterinary Heike Rauterbergm, the Veterinary Clinic of Ferrel in Espiche, and is currently well.
Correio da Manha comment; “The tension between the voluntary associations that supposedly share the cause was obvious – past squabbles and rivalry”.

The PSP conducted “Operation Click on Security” from 1st to 10th February. This operation, nationwide, mobilized all PSP units dealing within the school community covering: a dynamic prevention in on-line space: alert awareness of the new risks on the Internet and security advice and self-protection measures to be adopted in the cyber world.

– Human resources committed: 502 police officers;
– Material resources committed: 220 police vehicles;
– Number of educational activities: 453;
– Number of students participating: 17204;
– Educational Institutions involved: 259;
– Number of individual contacts: 833.


Complaints to the PSP related to dating violence increased by almost eight percent in 2015. During the year a total of 1,680 reports were made, according to Lusa new agency.

In a response the PSP confirmed the figure which was 130 more than in 2014.

Of the 1,680 complaints, 963 were made by ex-boyfriends and 717 by existing boyfriends, says the PSP, noting that the majority of incidents (76.9%) were reported by the victims themselves.

About 23% of complaints were made by students. The PSP highlights that complaints related to dating violence have been increasing year on year, as there has been a 32 percent increase in 2014 compared to 2013.

The PSP also indicates that 85% of cases are related to psychological and emotional violence and 74% involved physical violence


Seizure of more than 7,000 doses of narcotics, firearms, nine vehicles and 66,000 euros in cash.

On 9th February the Public Security Police of the Metropolitan Command of Porto, through the Division of Criminal Investigation and the Special Police Unit, the Intervention Corps and Cinotécnico (Dog) Task Force, conduction an operation targeting a wide range of suspects who were dedicated to drug trafficking in the metropolitan area of ​​Porto.

The operation involved carrying out 47 house searches and three domicile searches located in areas of the cities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia resulting in:


Twenty three held between the ages of 24 and 64 years of age.


– Hashish enough for about 7,249 individual doses;

– Cocaine enough for about 112 individual doses;

– Marijuana for about 23 individual doses;

– Cash € 66,000;

– 57 pieces of jewellery;

– Six motor vehicles;

– 50 mobile phones;

– Two firearms;

– 394 rounds of ammunition of various calibres;

– Other items used in the direct sale of drugs.

During the investigation, which began about two years ago, six people had already been arrested.

The detainees will appear before the Judicial Authorities.


On 14th February 2016 the Aliens and Border Service (SEF) detained a foreign citizen at Lisbon airport in compliance with a European arrest warrant for extradition.

The man aged 61 years is wanted for alleged fraud by the Lithuanian authorities and was intercepted by SEF upon arrival of a flight from Fortaleza. The detainee will appear Monday at the Court of Appeal of Lisbon, which will determine the terms of the extradition process to Lithuania.


Following contact with the Portuguese Institute of Ocean and Atmosphere (IPMA), held today 13th February, the National Relief Operations Command (CNOS) of the National Civil Protection Authority (ANPC), and according to the weather information updated today, it is noted for the next days a worsening of weather conditions, with particular focus on regions north of the river Tagus and, in particular, in the Minho and Douro Litoral, with an occurrence of:

  • Persistent rainfall, for strong times (which may accumulate up to 40-50 mm in the next 6 hours on the coast north of the Cabo Mondego), to the regime of showers may be accompanied of storm and hail on Sunday (especially in the northern and central regions);
  • Maritime agitation on the west coast with waves northwest between 4 and 5 meters high significant, increasing from Sunday morning to 5-7 meters, and the north Cape Raso could reach 7-8 meters from Sunday afternoon until the morning Monday. The maximum height is between 10 and 12 meters, reaching 14 meters north of Cabo Raso;
  • Strong wind from the west-southwest, running north-west from the end of Saturday with gusts up 100 km / h on the coast and up to 120 km / h highlands, with the possibility of more extreme situations wind, keeping the wind until early Tuesday;
  • Snowfall in the north and centre above 1600 meters, gradually descending to height up to 600 meters on Sunday.

Relevant hydrological information:

  • Possibility of flash floods in historically vulnerable areas, most likely in basins of the rivers Minho, Lima, Cávado, Ave, Vouga, Douro and Mondego, cannot be excluded flood situations caused by increased flow rate of the main water lines;
  • The soil saturation conditions to favour the possibility of landslides in steeper slope zones.


Effects expected

Given the above situation, you may experience the following effects:

  • floor slippery road and eventual formation of ground water;
  • possibility of flash floods in urban areas by the accumulation of rainwater or inadequacy of drainage systems;
  • flood Possibility for transshipment water lines in areas historically more vulnerable;
  • Flooding of underground urban structures with drainage deficiencies;
  • Damage to vehicle-mounted or suspended structures;
  • Ability to falling branches or trees due to strong wind;
  • Possible accidents along the coastline.

The Parliamentary Committee for Constitutional Affairs has decided on Wednesday 10th February to send the Minister of Justice, Francisca Van Dunem, a petition requesting that the Indian citizen Paranjeet Pamma Singh, who was arrested last year in the Algarve, should not be extradited to India.

The chairman of the Constitutional Affairs, Pedro Bacelar de Vasconcelos, proposed that the petition should be sent to the Minister of Justice because it is a responsibility of the Government to deal with.

Paramjeet Singh, activist ‘Sihk’ , was arrested on December 18 in a hotel in the Algarve by the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) under an international arrest warrant for extradition issued by Interpol.

The petition describes Paramjeet Singh as a Sikh nationalist arrested “on fabricated terrorism charges,” stating that “has been at the forefront of the campaign for the rights of Sikhs to self-determination to release the Punjab Indian occupation, in a democratic way.”  The text of the petition points out that since 2000 ‘Pamma’ had an ‘indefinite leave to remain in the UK as a refugee under the UN 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and its 1967 Protocol.”

The petitioners allege that he would be subjected to torture in India, and recalls that Portugal signed the United Nations Convention against Torture in 1985, which means that the country is forbidden to extradite someone to a country where there is reason to believe that is subjected to torture.

According to police, Paramjeet Singh has since 1992, been involved in minor crimes and is appointed as leader of groups that the Indian authorities classify as terrorists. After leaving India, in 1994-95, he was in Pakistan numerous times and has become the main financier of the movement Babbar Khalsa International (BKI), considered a terrorist group by India.



With around 100 persons attending: including the newly appointed National Director of SEF Luisa Maria Goncalves; Major General Piers da Silva (GNR); the Director CCEMS, representatives from the Ministries of Justice and Internal Administration and Superintendent Jorge Mauricio Commander Lisbon Metropolitan Police (PSP), the seminar in Cascais organized by Safe Communities Portugal was a great success. Taking place at the Auditório do Centro Cultural de Cascais on 26th January 2016, the event in English was opened by Dra. Maria do Céu Garcia, Deputy to the Mayor of Cascais, who gave an overview of the threat of cybercrime and the importance of addressing this issue.

With four expert speakers representing the Judicial Police, PSP, GNR and Safe Communities Algarve, “innovation” was the keyword in terms of new initiatives announced in tackling cybercrime. The threat of Cybercrime was explained by Chief Inspector Rodrigues Bravo the Judicial Police, who outlined the importance of prevention and educating the young in dealing with this global problem, as well as strengthening the laws to help law enforcement.

The GNR presenter Lieutenant- Coronel Paulo Jorge Soares Dos Santos, Chief of the Cybersecurity Taskforce in the operational command of the GNR, announced a number of new initiatives aimed at educating the young. He highlighted the importance of creating partnerships between all sectors in tackling cybercrime through the GNR Safer Internet Project aimed at enhancing awareness of young people, through engaging cooperation and collaboration between institutions.

He announced a new programme of awareness in schools, involving a “Cyber Challenge 2016” ( through competitions aimed at promoting relationships between different generations. He also announced the creation of a “Trust Network” involving knowledge sharing with opportunities for businesses in joining such networks to help bring this to fruition, through participation in education and training awards supply of equipment at other logistics. This innovative programme of cyber prevention was designed and is planned by GNR and the ICT Centre of Competences of “Mar e Serra”.  Safe Communities Portugal is a collaborating partner in this venture. Businesses who wish to know more should contact

Inspector Carlos Correia covered the PSP strategy concerning the education of citizens, in particular their programs aimed at the elderly who were often targeted with various scams. This was based on the PSP close proximity model of anticipating problem and working towards a solution.

Jim Litchko a computer security analyst with over 30 years’ experience and a Board member of Safe Communities Portugal gave a presentation concerning a practical approach to computer security, with simple examples of how this can be achieved. This was followed by a panel discussion.

The two hour event was well received by the international audience, which included representatives from various Embassies, government, businesses and residents.


The Public Security Police (PSP), anticipating the celebration of February 9 of the International Safer Internet Day, have launched a sensitization double-operation from 01 to 10 February,  to alert children and young people from 5 to 18 years the risks of the Internet and social networks.

To the youth of the 2, 3 and secondary cycle, PSP have developed the operation “Click Safety”, which will include awareness-raising actions that will address themes such as the protection of personal data, passwords and secure links, to the vulgar spam and phishing scams, all using content designed in partnership with PT Foundation.

For children in pre-school and 1st cycle, the PSP will present the new episode of the animated series “How I Do It says FALCO”, this time with the title “Igor and the Competition of Friendship”, which a particularly appealing and playful way proposes the same objectives, an innovative design and high preventive impact, which in year and a half has reached a universe of more than 150,000 children.

Following the unprecedented and global launch of an animation made by a security force with a commitment to advise children, the PSP achieved its primary objective to amplify the message further.

In the first 3 episodes of animation (passing in SIC K and RTP2) and assessing only the social networks, they have reached over 700,000 people with particular attention to the episode released yesterday and which has been viewed more than 21,000 times. About this Igor animation history, it should be noted the participation of Nuno Markl who provides the voice of Baltazar character.

The PSP expects this combined with the stories read at school by police and animation already available on YOU TUBE channel of the PSP and social networks (Facebook), reaching a total of 500,000 people.