On 30th August at about 3:40 a.m., in Oporto, police officers from Porto intercepted four suspects in a stolen car who minutes beforehand had stolen a number of items from an establishment in Porto.

In order to escape the suspects rammed a police car, as well as a second vehicle at the scene, forcing police officers, face the risk to their physical integrity, firing shot at the vehicle, wounding a suspect.

The suspect was immediately transported to hospital and the two police officers who were injured as a result of the collision. Unfortunately, the individual shot aged 16 years, died of his wounds in the hospital.

At the site, another was arrested aged 19, and another two managed to escape.

In addition to the recovery of stolen vehicle, several packs of cigarettes and the vending machine, which were stolen were seized.

The occurrence was reported to the Public Ministry and the General Inspection of the Interior, who will undertake a subsequent investigation of the incident.


On 25th August the Lisbon Metropolitan Command of the Public Security Police, following an investigative initiated by the Criminal Investigation Police Division of Sintra, arrested a man aged 21 years for an aggravated robbery in the Cacém area.

The suspect, with a criminal record, has been previously convicted of the offense of aggravated assault, drug trafficking and possession of a prohibited weapon. He has appeared before a Judicial Court of the District of Lisbon West Center of Sintra, for 1st Judicial Interrogation, and was placed in remand in prison.


On 29th August the PSP Metropolitan Command of the Public Security Police, no 3 Division, arrested a person aged 51 years at Rua 12 do Bairro Calçada dos Mestres – for drug possession.

During the inspection of a motor vehicle by PSP agents, it was found that his driver had a nervous attitude, and suspecting that could have something illegal, the agents conducted a search and found the person in possession of the following material:

407 product doses of narcotic suspected Hashish; and

14 product doses of narcotic drug suspected to be heroin.

Following investigations carried out, a house search was conducted and the following found and seized:

1 alarm gun with six rounds of ammunition;

1 batoon;

1 precision scale;

4 bladed weapons;

5 product doses of narcotic drug suspected to be cocaine;

4 doses of a narcotic suspected Hashish; and

1.38 grams of product suspected Cannabis.

The suspect was present during the day in DIAP of Lisbon, 1 for judicial interrogation, and has been order to make weekly reporting to police.


Since the 21st August a number of thefts of items from campervans have taken place at the Parque da Ria, Aveiro. At least six thefts from campervans owned by tourists have been reported to the PSP.

According to media reports the victims have reported that they believe their movements were being watched before the thefts took place.


The Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) intercepted on 24th and 25th August at Lisbon Airport, two persons  involved in international drug trafficking.

In the first case, the arrested individual aged 20 years, who had as Madrid destination, came from a flight from Brazil. He admitted upon arrest to carrying drugs in the hold baggage that would be distributed in Spain, indicating not know how much of it, but only that it would involve cocaine. In conjunction with the Tax Authority and Customs (ATA) he confirmed the existence of alleged narcotic product, it is estimated that the weight thereof is about 18 Kg, including the weight of the bag itself.

On 25th August SEF intercepted another foreign national, aged 26, from Brazil en-route to Madrid. The passenger admitted he carried close to the body a few kilograms of narcotic substances.

Both individuals were handed over to the competent authorities for further proceedings


The Lisbon Metropolitan Command of the Public Security Police, in its area of ​​responsibility, continuing the goals of preventing and deterring crime and offenses in general, during the period from 07:00 on the 19th and 07:00 on 26 August, performed 221 operations and police proceeded to arrest 187 people for various crimes:

  • 52 For driving under the influence of alcohol;
  • 33 For Narcotic Trafficking;
  • 24 For Driving without legal requirements;
  • 16 By Resistance and Duress on Employee;
  • 12 For Arrest Warrant;
  • 11 For illegal possession of weapon;
  • 9 For Theft;
  • 7 For Disobedience;
  • 5 For Theft;
  • 3 Illegal immigration;
  • 3 Theft by pickpocket, and
  • 12 For Other Crimes.

Operational activity, it was possible to apprehend the following material:

  • 16 Weapons:
  • 12 Cold arms;
  • 03 Handguns;
  • 02 Weapon 6.35mm, and
  • 01 defense Aerosols.
  • 185 Ammunition;
  • 20 Product Doses narcotic drug suspected to be heroin;
  • 519.45 Product Doses narcotic suspected Hashish;
  • 65 Product Doses narcotic drug suspected to be cocaine;
  • 1009 Product Units narcotic suspected Ecstasy, and
  • 18 g of product narcotic suspected Amphetamines.

The GNR Braga Criminal Investigation Unit arrested on 23rd August, in Povoa de Varzim, five individuals for the crime of theft and recovered 38 car radiators, whose estimated value amounts to 6,000 euros.

The action was developed in the context of an investigation by robbery, and individuals were intercepted while transporting the said stolen items in two cars.

The arrested, aged 25 and 38, indicted by the practice of two other similar thefts.


Under the monitoring, surveillance, supervision, inspection and execution of warrants and administrative or judicial decisions relating to pollution incidents, the National Republican Guard (GNR), through the Nature and Environment Protection Service (SEPNA), have recorded so far this year the following:

  complaints contraventions crimes
Pollution of water area 249 394 8
Atmospheric pollution 100 171 1
soil pollution 29 76 two

SEPNA, in collaboration with the administrative bodies that oversee the various environmental components subject to pollution (air, water and soil), ensure compliance with laws and regulations relating to illicit checked the environment, water resources and land, investigated and prosecuted the following:

For the years 2014 and 2015, the GNR showed the following data:

  2014 2015
  complaints contraventions crimes complaints contraventions crimes
Pollution of water area 270 668 7 344 722 15
Atmospheric pollution 210 346 0 222 385 0
soil pollution 23 88 1 27 104 two

The GNR is available 24 hours / day, and throughout the country coverage (mainland and autonomous regions), the “SOS Environment and Territory” line through the blue number 808 200 520 or via , where citizens have the opportunity to report situations that might violate the environmental legislation and / or animal.


The National Guard, in addition to their daily operational activities, carried out a series of operations throughout the country in the last week, 19-25 August that aimed to prevent and combat violent crime, road inspection among others, registering the following operational data:

A total of  477 were arrested, highlighting: 166 for driving under the influence of alcohol; 74 for driving without legal authorization; 59 for drug trafficking; 42 for illegal possession of weapon and 15 for theft.

The following items were seized

  • 36 957 doses of hashish;1886 · doses of cocaine;· 285 cannabis seeds;· 82 grams of cannabis leaf; 35 MDMA tablets; 26 cannabis plants; 17· LSD tablets; 12 grams of cannabis oil; Three grams of amphetamine.

Other items seized

  • 20 vehicles;
  • 19 firearms;
  • 67 sidearms;
  • 661 ammunition of various calibers;
  • 7467 counterfeit goods;
  • 3451 kilograms of bivalves;

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