The Government has announced increased funding for the GNR and PSP over the next 5 years.

Between 2017 and 2021, a total of Euros 8,5 will be spent on weapons; 104.9 million on upgrading buildings and 60.9 million for vehicles.

The GNR will receive 77.3 million of these funds and the PSP 90 million.

This is part of a package of and additional Euros 450 million to upgrade the security forces announced by the Prime Minister Antonio Coasta earlier.


About 37 litres of liqueur and spirits were seized for failing to comply with legal or security requirements.

An anonymous complaint led GNR to seize alcoholic beverages, namely homemade liqueur, which was being sold in some tents along Avenida Arriaga.

Major Marco Nunes of GNR explained to Antena 1,  that 37 litres of liqueur and spirits were seized for failing to comply with legal or security requirements.

There are two infringements in question: on the one hand the fact that the bottles did not bear the proper seal but has already paid the tax. In this case the fine may be from 250 euros to 500 euros. Secondly no consumption tax has ever been paid for the beverages in question. Fines for this range from 1500 euros to 3,000 euros.


On 20th December at 1830 hrs the Metropolitan Command of Lisbon PSP, through the Police Division of Sintra, at the toll plaza of the Vasco da Gama Bridge (A12 direction Algarve-Lisboa), arrested, a man aged 48 years caught in the act of drug trafficking.

Following investigation, the suspect was intercepted in the Vasco da Gama Bridge toll zone, when he was preparing to pay the said fee.

After the suspect and car were searched the PSP found in the boot of the car four bags with various packaging of narcotics, suspected to be hashish, with a weight of more than  59 kg .

A house search was made at the residence of the suspect and several portions of narcotic product suspected of being hashish were located and seized:

In the car:

–  118,798 doses of narcotic product suspected to be hashish .

In the possession of the suspect:

– 1 Vehicle;

– 2 Mobile phones;

– 110 Euros;

In the residence:

–  200.32 Product Doses narcotic, suspected Hashish .



Two men were detained in the municipality of Tondela who tried to deceive the victim in a business involving assets valued at 485,000 euros

The Judiciary Police, through the Center’s Board, detained two men suspected of various crimes including counterfeiting. In the municipality of Tondela.

The victim of the fraudulent scheme was approached last November by two suspects, of foreign nationality, suggesting that they were businessmen living in Angola and that they proposed to buy furniture worth approximately 500,000 euros.

After a few meetings at a hotel in Lisbon for talks the suspect made the victims believe that they had personal and family ties to international organizations. The suspects undertook to pay for the furniture to be acquired in cash upon agreement.

At one meeting in Lisbon, the two suspects had a trolley suitcase, which they said contained two million euros.

In Tondela, the suspects chose the furniture they allegedly intended to acquire and pay, valued at approximately 485,000 euros. On this occasion, using some notes, the suspects demonstrated to their victim the alleged chemical process that would allow them to transform and clean up the notes they carried.

On July 19, the suspects went back to Tondela, where they met with the victim to finalize the furniture business and the chemical transformation of the notes, at which time they were detained by the Judicial Police in the act of committing a crime.

In the course of the police operation were seized the suitcase and the safe, containing the counterfeitl notes amounting to two million euros and the supposed chemicals needed for the processing and cleaning of the notes.


GNR Coruche Territorial Office detained on 21st December in the town of Couço – Coruche, a man aged 71 years on suspicion of deceiving a 77 year old.

The suspect approached an elderly man in São José da Lamarosa – Coruche, convincing him that the 20 and 50 euro bills would end, leading the victim to handover 140 euros in 20 and 50 notes.

After the alert, the GNR approached the suspect wher eafter he was arrested. The money was recovered and returned to the victim.

The detainee was subject to a term of identity and residence.


The National Republican Guard (GNR) intensified, from November 1 to December 20, throughout the national territory,  inspections to prevent and combat illegal activities of harvesting, transportation and storage of pine cones..

The surveillance actions, carried out by military personnel of the Service of Protection of the Nature and the Environment (SEPNA) of the Territorial Commands and by military personnel of the National Traffic Unit, were directed to the areas with the largest pine forests, where Related activity is more common.

During this operation, more than 33 tons of pine cones were distributed, distributed geographically as follows:

District Number of pine cones (kg)
Evora 294
Faro 124
Guard 20
Lisbon 570
Portalegre 685
Setúbal 30 866
Viana do Castelo 60
Viseu 527
TOTAL 33 146


During the operation three crimes were detected, resulting in two detainees and 51 infractions.


The National Republican Guard (GNR) will undertake throughout the country, during the period from 16th to 24th December operation “Safe Commerce”, with the aim of ensuring the safety of traders and customers, due to the increased numbers of people in in commercial areas during this holiday season.

During the operation, the GNR territorial commanders will carry out actions to raise awareness among merchants, alerting them to the security procedures to be adopted in order to prevent them from being targets of crime.

Patrol will also be strengthened in the commercial zones, with the aim of increasing the sense of security among shopkeepers and customers.

For traders, GNR advises:

  • Have the property’s entrances / exits well lit;
  • Before closing the shop, check that the doors and windows are properly closed;
  • Do not keep large amounts of money inside the facility;
  • Do not have a regular routine for making bank deposits (keep it flexible);
  • Always have the GNR telephone contact available in your area of ​​the establishment;
  • In case of incident stay calm, do not react, and memorize memorize the appearance of the assailant;
  • After a robbery, do not touch anything and immediately contact the GNR.


For buyers / clients, GNR advises:

  • Avoid carrying large sums of money and valuables,
  • On a busy street, carry your handbag or briefcase on the opposite side of the curb, staying close to the buildings;
  • Avoid driving in isolated, dimly lit locations;
  • If someone bumps into you, check that your wallet, mobile phone and other valuables are still with you;
  • In case of assault, do not resist, collaborate with the assailant, and try to memorize the appearance of the aggressor: stature and complexion, clothing, etc., and contact GNR as soon as possible.

The operation “Police Always Present – Parties Secure 2016” has begun at 0800 hrs on 15th December and extends up to 24.00 hours on 2nd January 2017. 

More patrols
Aware that the festive season approaching can increase the occurrence of certain types of crimes, PSP will increase police visibility and patrolling in areas and spaces with greater circulation of people, goods and vehicles, with the aim of reducing crime rates and road accidents ” according to police information.

Surveillance to homes
During this period, will be active residential surveillance program and interested parties should make a request at a PSP station so that during their period of absence,PSP staff can frequently patrol homes to deter theft or other illicit activities.


The GNR seized today six million cigarettes that were transported in a truck in the A6, in Estremoz, in the district of Évora, revealed the security force.

According to a statement from the Territorial Command of Évora of the GNR, the seizure was carried out by the military of the Transit Detachment of Évora,(Traffic Police)  following a road inspection operation on the A6, in the Marateca-Caia direction.

The statement said that “a heavy goods vehicle was detected transporting six million cigarettes without a tax stamp, with an estimated sale value of 1.3 million euros.”

The driver, a 40-year-old man, was detained and will be brought to court today.



ASAE have reported the following operational activities from 1st January 2016 to 31st October 2016:

  • Operations.targets conducted –             34,754
  • Suspension of activities –                             360
  • Crimes processes –                                       1016
  • Non crime (CD) processes –                     4843
  • Detentions –                                                   293
  • Wight of items seized –                 405,230 kgs
  • Value of items seized –                  €11,022,400