Lusa – The National Civil Protection Authority (ANPC) registered between 20:00 on Wednesday and 19:30 Friday about a thousand occurrences, most of them since midnight due to the wind.

“From the alert status [20:00 Wednesday 2nd January to 19:30 on 3rd February , we had recorded about a thousand occurrences, however, only today [between 00:00 and 19:30] were recorded 711 occurrences, “Marcos Martins, the ANPC national deputy, told Lusa.

According to Marcos Martins, about 70% of the occurrences occurred on 3rd January. The Civil Protection numbers indicate that of the 540 occurrences associated with the high wind, 513 were due to the fall of trees and the rest to falls from structures.

“As expected, the wind on Friday was a critical factor and there was in fact a very large increase in the number of occurrences due to the wind,” he said.

The districts of Braga, with 180 occurrences, and of Porto and Viana do Castelo, with 153 occurrences each, were the most affected by the wind, which the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) predicts will remain strong with gusts above 100 Kilometers / hour until 03:00 on Saturday.

The IPMA placed under the ‘Orange Warning’ due to the wind and rain until the 03:00 of Saturday the districts of Porto, Braga, Vila Real, Bragança, Guarda, Viseu, Aveiro and Viana do Castelo.

The National Civil Protection Authority activated until Saturday the special alert level of blue level.

The special blue-alert status refers to the need for civil protection agents to strengthen the means of first intervention, targeting only those agents rather than the general population, in order to improve the efficiency of the system. This is the lowest of the four levels.

Despite the numerous civil protection warnings for people to move away from the coastline on bad weather days, there are those who risk their lives, ignoring these warnings.

The zone of the mouth in the Porto was one of the most critical points, with waves of 14 meters.


The Metropolitan Command of Lisbon of the PSP, through the Police Division of Amadora, in Coordination with the Judicial Police – Lisbon and Vale do Tejo Board, within the scope of their crime prevention and enforcement activities, has executed eight search warrants of houses in the area of Amadora.

The police operation was the culmination of an investigation of several crimes of robbery on public roads using physical force and blank weapons, as well as against rail passengers particularly those using the Sintra line.

The detainees are suspected of dozens of robberies, stealing large sums of money as well as high value electronic devices.

The police operation obtained the following results:

  • 6 Citizens detained, caught in the act of robbery;
  • 1 Citizen held for resistance and coercion against an official;
  • 3 Citizens held for related crime

In addition to the intercepted citizens, it was possible to seize a diverse range of stolen property which will be returned to their rightful owners.

The detainees were present at the Court of Amadora, for first judicial interrogation with an application a 5 to be placed under Preventive Detention  and a term of Identity and Residence (IRR) to the others.


The PSP informs that by the end of February, it will carry out actions of road inspection – RADAR in the following places:

07-fev-16 08H00 Estrada Regional, freguesia de São Mateus – concelho Madalena do Pico – Horta
16-fev-17 14H00 Estrada Regional, freguesia Silveira – concelho das Lajes do Pico – Horta
17-fev-17 06h45 – 13h00 Av. Alberto I Príncipe de Mónaco – freguesia de S. José – Ponta Delgada
22-fev-17 12H45 – 19H00 Av. Alberto I Príncipe de Mónaco – freguesia de S. José – Ponta Delgada
25-fev-17 06h45 – 13h00 Estrada Regional n.º 1 de 1ª, Lugar do Negrito, freguesia de S. Mateus – Angra do Heroísmo

06-fev-17 08H00/14H00 EN 109 – Km 58.1 – Aveiro
08-fev-17 14H00/20H00 Av. da Universidade – Aveiro
10-fev-17 08H00/14H00 Rua Cega (junto ao nº 306), em São Bernardo – Aveiro
15-fev-17 09H00/13H00 EN 109-4 com Estrada de Santiago, em Silvalde – Espinho
15-fev-17 15H00/19H00 Av. da Régua – Ovar
17-fev-17 09H00/13H00 Rua Eduardo Vaz – Santa Maria da Feira
17-fev-17 15H00/19H00 Rua Oliveira Junior – São João da Madeira
20-fev-17 08H00/14H00 EN 16 – Aveiro
21-fev-17 18H00/24H00 EN 109 – Km 58.1 – Aveiro
23-fev-17 14H00/20H00 Rua dos Campinhos, em Santa Joana – Aveiro

22-fev-17 14h30 EN 268 – Moura

07-fev-17 14:00 Circular Urbana – Guimarães
07-fev-17 14:00 Circular de Barcelos
08-fev-17 14:00 Av. Miguel Torga – Braga
10-fev-17 21:00 Av. António Macedo – Braga
13-fev-17 8:00 Variante Nascente – Famalicão
14-fev-17 14:00 Circular Urbana – Guimarães
25-fev-17 23:00 Av. Miguel Torga – Braga
27-fev-17 8:00 Circular de Barcelos

16-fev-17 08H00/14H00 Av. das Comunidades Europeias, em Mirandela
24-fev-17 08H00/14H00 Av. Abade de Baçal, em Bragança

10-fev-17 10H00 /12H00 EN 112 – Chão de Santo André – Castelo Branco
15-fev-17 08H00 /12H00 Av. Pero da Covilhã – Covilhã
22-fev-17 09H30 /11H30 Rua da Granja – Castelo Branco
23-fev-17 08H00 /12H00 Av. Pero da Covilhã – Covilhã

07-fev-17 10H00 Via António Moreira – Coimbra
08-fev-17 09H00 Ponte Edgar Cardoso _ Figueira da Foz
20-fev-17 15H00 Av. Urbano Duarte – Coimbra
23-fev-17 09H00 Rodovia Urbana – Centro Escolar – Figueira da Foz

07-fev-17 10H30 Av. Lino de Carvalho – Évora
13-fev-17 09H00 EN 18 ao Gil – Estremoz
24-fev-17 09H00 Av. Rainha Santa Isabel – Estremoz

06-fev-17 14H30 Estrada de Monchique – Portimão
15-fev-17 08H30/12H30 Av. Dom João VI
15-fev-17 09H00 Av. V6 – Portimão
17-fev-17 09H00/12H00 Av. de Castro Marim – Vila Real de Santo António
21-fev-17 09H00/12H00 Av. Zeca Afonso – Tavira
22-fev-17 09H00 Av. Fonte Coberta – Lagos
27-fev-17 09H00 Av. V6 – Portimão

09-fev-17 14H00 Via da Cintura Externa – VICEG

07-fev-17 14H30/17H30 Rua Imaculada Conceição – Telheiro – Leiria
20-fev-17 09H00/12H00 Av. Monsenhor Bastos – Peniche

06-fev-17 09H00-17h00 EN 6 – Km 15.3 – S. João do Estoril – Cascais
07-fev-17 08H00-17H00 Estrada dos Salgados – Venda Nova
08-fev-17 07H00-13H00 Av. da República – Oeiras
08-fev-17 13H00-19H00 EN 6 – Av. Marginal – Paço de Arcos, Sentido Cascais/Lisboa
09-fev-17 08h00/12h00 Av. Padre Cruz
09-fev-17 14h00/18h00 Av. Infante D. Henrique (Stª Apolónia)
15-fev-17 14h00/18h00 Av. das Descobertas
16-fev-17 08h00/12h00 Av. Marechal Gomes da Costa
21-fev-17 09H00-02H00 Rua António Sérgio, Santo António dos Cavaleiros
21-fev-17 14H00-17H00 Rua Pedro Alvares Cabral, Pontinha
23-fev-17 09H00-11H00 Casal de Cambra, Av. de Lisboa
23-fev-17 14H30-16H00 Sintra – Mem Martins – Av. Capitães de Abril

06-fev-17 07H00 VE 3 – Km 13.7 Túnel do Doutor e VE 3 Km 14.7 – Túnel da Calheta
06-fev-17 08H00 Rua Manuel Passos – Machico
06-fev-17 14H00 Av. do Infante, Estrada Monumental e Rua Pestana Júnior
07-fev-17 14H00 VR 1, Santa Catarina, Km 33.3
08-fev-17 08H00 Estrada do Aeroporto, Tendeira – Caniço
08-fev-17 14H00 Rua Pestana Júnior, Rua 5 Outubro e Av. do Infante
09-fev-17 14H00 Av. do Infante, Estrada Monumental e Rua Pestana Júnior
15-fev-17 08H00 Av. do Infante, Estrada Monumental e Rua Pestana Júnior
16-fev-17 14H00 Av. do Amparo, Rua 5 de Outubro e Rua C
16-fev-17 18H00 VE 5 – Camacha
17-fev-17 08H00 VR 1
20-fev-17 14H00 Estrada do Aeroporto, Azenha – Caniço
20-fev-17 14H00 Av. do Infante, Rua 5 de Outubro e Rua Pestana Júnior
21-fev-17 17H00 VE 1, Moinhos|Faial – VE 1 – Túnel do Cortado
22-fev-17 14H00 VR 1
24-fev-17 13H00 Via Expresso 3 Km 1 Sentido Sul – Norte
24-fev-17 20H00 VR 1 e Av. do Infante
27-fev-17 17H00 VE 1 – Túnel do Norte e Túnel da Ribeira Grande

06-fev-17 08H00 Av. do Dia de Portugal – Elvas
17-fev-17 08H00 Av. de Badajoz – Portalegre

08-fev-17 14H00/18H00 Av. Marechal Gomes da Costa – Porto
13-fev-17 20H00/24H00 Estrada da Circunvalação , junto 9389 – Porto
17-fev-17 08H00/12H0 Estrada D. Miguel – Gondomar
22-fev-17 14H00/18H00 Av. Dr. Antunes Guimarães – Leça da Palmeira
28-fev-17 20H00/24H00 Av. AEP – Porto

07-fev-17 08H00/12H00 Av. Bombeiros Voluntários – Ourém
07-fev-17 10H00/13H00 EN 3 Calçadinha – Santarém
14-fev-17 08H00/12H00 Av. 25 de Abril – Cartaxo
14-fev-17 14H00/18H00 Rua Atriz Alda Rodrigues – Santarém
22-fev-17 15H00/19H00 Santa Marta – Tomar
22-fev-17 14H00/18H00 Alameda do Vinho – Cartaxo
27-fev-17 15H00/19H30 Av. Sá Carneiro – Entroncamento
28-fev-17 14H30/18H00 Variante do Bom Amor – Torres Novas

07-fev-17 09:30 EN 10-4 – Setúbal
08-fev-17 14:00 Av. Arsenal do Alfeite, sentido Almada-Corroios – Almada
10-fev-17 08:00 Circular Externa – Montijo
10-fev-17 10:00 Av. 1º Maio – Amora – Seixal
13-fev-17 08:00 Rua das Palmeiras – Barreiro

04-fev-17 09H30 Estrada da Papanata – Viana do Castelo
14-fev-17 09H30 Av. Capitão Gaspar de Castro – Viana do Castelo
24-fev-17 09H30 Via Foral Dona Teresa – Ponte de Lima

06-fev-17 14H00 Rua Vasco Sameiro – Vila Real
16-fev-17 14H00 Av. Rainha Dona Mafalda – Chaves
23-fev-17 14H00 Variante de Vila Nova – Vila Real
23-fev-17 09H00 Av. do Tâmega – Chaves

08-fev-17 09H00 Av. Cidade Salamanca – Viseu
09-fev-17 08H00 Av. D. Egas Moniz- Lamego
13-fev-17 16H00 Estrada da Circunvalação – Viseu
22-fev-17 10H00 Av. D. Egas Moniz- Lamego
22-fev-17 09H00 Av. do Regimento Infantaria 14 – Viseu



A 68-year-old man suspected of sexually abusing five children in the Vidigueira area has been detained by the Judicial Police.

Agents of the Southern PJ’s Board of Directors have complied with an arrest warrant issued by the Beja Public Prosecutor’s Office, which suspects that the man is the perpetrator of eight child sexual abuse crimes committed between 2015 and 2017.

Theman was already present in court and was ordered, as coercive measures, the periodic presentation, the prohibition of contact with children, the prohibition of exercise of activity and Resident Identity Term.


The Territorial Command of Leiria, through the Criminal Investigation Center of Caldas da Rainha and the Territorial Post of Bombarral, arrested on 1st February, two men of 20 and 29 years, on suspicion of theft of more than two dozen vehicles in the districts of Leiria, Lisbon, Santarém and Portalegre.

The action, triggered in the course of an investigation into the crime of theft, culminated in the interception of two suspects in the Bombarral county after a new vehicle theft resulting in the vehicle being abandoned and burned out.

After the arrests, two searches were carried out, one domiciliary and one non-domiciliary and the following items were seized:
• Two light vehicles;
• Eight wheels and their tires;
• Four car radios;
• Four subwoofer and three sound amplifiers;
• Two laptops;
• One LCD and one GPS;
• Two sanders;
• An industrial pneumatic hammer;
• A chainsaw;
• A pressure machine;
• A welding machine;
• A compressor and its accessories.

The detainees were constituted defendants and subject to expiration of identity and residence.


The National Republican Guard (GNR) inaugurates today, February 3, two new territorial posts in the area of ​​the Territorial Command of Viseu.

The Armamar Territorial Post and Tabuaço Territorial Post will be inaugurated at 11:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. respectively, in a ceremony presided by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Professor Constança Urbano de Sousa.

The inaugurated Territorial Posts meet unique structural and location conditions that allow to significantly increase GNR’s capacity of support to the citizens in the municipalities of Tabuaço and Armamar, that cover 27 parishes, in a total of 252.92 km ², serving a population of more than 12 thousand inhabitants.

The Armamar Territorial Post is located at Avenida 8 de Setembro, Municipal Market Building, 5110-121 – Armamar, with the telephone contact 254 600 246, and e-mail address

The Territorial Office of Tabuaço is located at Rua Dr. Luís de Freitas, no. 25, 5210-415 – Tabuaço, with the telephone contact 254 789 214, and e-mail address


The National Republican Guard, in addition to its daily operations, carried out a series of operations throughout the country during the last week of January 27 to February 2, aimed at preventing and combating violent crime. The results were as follows:

  1. Detentions: 458 detained in the act of committing offenses, of which:
  • 150 for driving under the influence of alcohol;
  • 82 for driving without legal authorization;
  • 25 for theft;
  • 20 for trafficking in narcotics;
  • 11 for illegal possession of a weapon.


  1. Seizures:
  • 189,717 doses of hashish (over 94 kg);
  • 512 doses of heroin;
  • 47 doses of cocaine;
  • 14 vehicles;
  • 23 firearms;
  • 203 ammunition of various calibres;
  • 11 white guns;
  • € 1,752 in cash.


  1. Traffic enforcement:

10 299 detected infractions, highlighting:

  • 2 086 excess speed;
  • 542 tachograph related;
  • 401 for improper use of the mobile phone in the exercise of driving;

The Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) carried out a surveillance operation at the Chaves city’s road terminals, which aimed at identifying passengers from European Union countries with documentation irregularities.

The action culminated in the interception of several undocumented foreign citizens, who were conducted for full identification to the SEF facilities at Vila Real.

From the analysis of the situation of each of the foreign citizens, it has been confirmed that one of them is an applicant for international warrant from Italy, and SEF will request their deportation under the Dublin Convention.

Of the other citizens it was possible to confirm the existence of expressions of interest presented under the terms of no. 2 of article 88 of the Aliens Law, some of them with a positive opinion issued by SEF and that their identification documents were elsewhere in the possession of family, friends or bosses.

Six citizens were detained for illegal stay in Portugal, and were presented yesterday to the judicial authority to apply coercive measures. Citizens were detained by judicial determination in a temporary Installation Center, where they await the further terms of the process of removal from national territory.

This is the second situation detected in the month of January involving the same circumstances, and in the first one, recorded about fifteen days before, eleven foreign citizens were detained

None of the foreign nationals detected in these two situations had, at the time of the interception, their passports. In view of the situations detected, SEF is analysing these migratory flows and the circumstances involved, in particular establishing the way in which foreign citizens have been contacted and transported


A man has been arrested by the Judicial Police on charges of procuring minors for pornographic purposes.

The Judicial Police, through the Northern Board, have identified and detained a man for the alleged practice of child pornography and child sexual abuse crimes.

The detainee created in the social network Facebook, from the year 2014, several false profiles for the purpose of relating to minors of both sexes, aged between 12 and 15 years, with whom he had conversations of obscene nature and to whom he requested pornographic photographs.

The 52-year-old detainee, a driver, will be present to the competent judicial authority for first interrogation of defendant and possible application of coercive measures.