Safe Communities has put together the main tips from police and civil protection to keep people safe and prevent crime over the festive period.

Getting there – Leave for destination in plenty of time – security and traffic arrangements in some places where there are major events Lisbon Praça do Comércio and Terreiro do Paço – bag searches etc – no bottles/glass – comply with police directions. Objective to keep people safe and prevent crime. Use public transport where possible.

Crime – Particularly crowded places and late night public transport such as Lisbon trams – look after your personal possessions etc. Do not carry more than is needed. , Check that you have left the vehicle locked and do not leave valuables in view. Take care parking avoid blocking vehicles.

Pedestrian safety – with increased number of vehicles and pedestrians on the streets police remind to take care when using mobile phones when crossing roads – a number of deaths and serious injuries are caused by lack of attention.

Drink driving – police will be very vigilant concerning offences such as use of mobile phones and drink driving. Last year the GNR fined nearly 600 drivers and arrested nearly 200 over the criminal limit for drink driving so be aware. They advise take public transport and not to get in vehicles where the driver is drunk. Beware morning after.

Alcohol – enjoy yourself but pace yourself with drinking water before you go out and during the night as it will reduce the effect of the alcohol on your body. A meal before you go out and snacks between drinks can help slow down the absorption of alcohol,

Security of buisness and places of late night entertainment

  • When closing up your business late at night keep a lookout that you are not being watched
  • When transporting cash, if the amounts are high, whatever the distance, the cash should be carried by a group of two or three staff members distributed between them.
  • Cash transportation times should be varied and routes varied as well.
  • Don’t put staff at risk

New Year’s Day

Aware ANPC issued warning high seas along entire coast 4-5 metre waves and their advice is NOT to take the traditional NYD dip. Take care near coastal walkways as winds will be higher thro to 2nd Jan.


Objective is to keep people safe and prevent crimes

PSP announced today that it will use video surveillance cameras in the Commerce Square and surrounding area during the festivities of the year in Lisbon to ensure the safety of people and property and crime prevention.

In a statement, PSP Metropolitan Command (Cometlis) said that video surveillance cameras will be used after the positive opinion of the National Data Protection Commission (CNPD) and the authorization of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Eduardo Cabrita, as is provided for in the law regulating the use of video surveillance by security forces and services in public places.

The Public Security Police guarantees that it will use video surveillance cameras in the Commerce Square and surrounding area with “the express purpose of protecting the safety of people and property and preventing crime”.

In the note released today, PSP reiterates the prohibition of accessing the interior of the Commerce Square with bottles and glasses, therefore recommending people not to be accompanied by these objects.

Speaking to DN, Mayor Hugo Palma, a spokesman for the National Directorate of PSP, had already advanced that at the parties of the year at Terreiro do Paço Lisboa would attend one of the largest police actions ever in the city.

All access to the Terreiro do Paço will be controlled and the PSP will put cement barriers and structures with metallic spikes to block the vehicles (antiveículo rails). We have some of these structures of our own manufacture, “said the official, explaining that the same measures will be extended to New Year’s Eve in Oporto, which will take place at Avenida dos Aliados.

Similar to the entrance in stadiums or concert halls, the public that will go to the Terreiro do Paço to watch the spectacles will be the target of visual inspections, with the opening of backpacks and suitcases and the use of devices for the detection of weapons.

Three days of celebration are being prepared for the Lisbonians celebrating the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 in Terreiro do Paço, with free admission.

On the 29th, at 10pm, there is a concert by Ana Moura, and the next day at the same time, act Lura and Bonga. On 31, the party begins, also at 10:00 PM, with Marta Ren & The Groovelvets and continues with Captain Fausto. At midnight there is firework with Beatbombers music and a concert is followed by Ana Bacalhau, Ana Deus, Lena d ‘Água, Luís Portugal, Miguel Ângelo, Rui Pregal da Cunha, Samuel Úria, Viviane and Xana. .

Metro to run all night

The blue, green and red lines of the Metropolitano de Lisboa will work all night at dawn on January 1st.

According to the information available on the company’s official website, Pontinha, Colégio Militar-Luz, Jardim Zoológico, São Sebastião, Marquês de Pombal, Restauradores and Baixa-Chiado stations will be on the blue line. stations of Telheiras, Areeiro, Alameda, Rossio, Baixa-Chiado and Cais do Sodré.


The Lisbon Metropolitan Police command of the public security police reports that due to the completion of the festive season in the Praça do Comércio, during the celebrations on 31 December, it will be considered an improvised enclosure, which is why it will be set up security perimeters with the creation of eight access points.

Glass Bottles and glass glasses shall not be allowed in the enclosure, as well as rain caps with long rods, among other objects listed in the annex.

If you want to carry some belongings in backpack / bag, it should not be higher than the size of an A3. Sheet

The venue will open up to the public around 21 P. M. for those who wish to move to the trade square, as soon as possible.

On 29, 30 and 31 December, due to the need to ensure the safety of persons and goods and, to facilitate the intervention of means of protection and help, the lower area of the city will be subject to various constraints Traffic.

29th December 2017:
– Corte total de trânsito na Praça do Comércio entre as 21h00 e as 00h30
– Cortes principais:
o Praça Duque de Terceira/ Cais do Sodré (trânsito desviado para a Rua do Alecrim ou inverte)
o Av. Infante D. Henrique
o Av. Infante D. Henrique c/ Rua Cais de Santarém e Estação Sul e Sueste
o Rua da Alfândega c/ Praça do Comércio
o Rua da Prata c/ Rua do Comércio
o Rua do Ouro ficará afeta só a Transportes Públicos;
o Restauradores Sul

£0th December 2017:
– Corte total de trânsito na Praça do Comércio entre as 20h30 e as 01h30 (com os mesmos cortes e condicionamentos de dia 29 de dezembro)

31st December to 1st January 2018
– Corte a Nascente no viaduto da Av. Infante D. Henrique
– Corte a Poente no Cais do Sodré
– Corte total de trânsito na Praça do Comércio
– Cortes principais:
• Praça Duque de Terceira/ Cais do Sodré (trânsito é desviado para a Rua do Alecrim ou inverte);
• Av. Infante D. Henrique (Viaduto da Av. Mouzinho de Albuquerque – corte TOTAL);
• Av. Infante D. Henrique c/ Estação Sul e Sueste;
• Rua da Alfândega c/ Praça do Comércio;
• Restauradores Sul;
• Rua do Ouro (encerrada);
• Praça da Figueira – Encerrado o acesso a esta Praça com corte no Martim Moniz

The changes to the movement and their transit deviations are properly coordinated on the spot by the police and access to emergency vehicles is guaranteed. It is requested to comply with the information provided by the authority.

The PSP advises:
• Promote the use of public transport;
• Do not drink excess alcohol;
• If you park on the public road, check that your vehicle allows for the movement of emergency vehicles;
• Check that you have left the vehicle locked and do not leave any values in your interior;
• Be cooperative with authority officials and a facilitator of police action, do not compromise their security and other citizens and do not take risk behaviour;
• Do not bear personal property of value, especially mobile, wallet and watch;
• If you consider the police intervention necessary, do not hesitate to ask for our cooperation, call 112, in case of emergency and memorize on your phone the following telephone number of the lisbon metropolitan command of the PSP: 21 765 42 42, or type on your phone [21 police].

The PSP wishes to have a good party in safety, wishing a good year of 2018.


Following the contact with the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) held today, December 30, the National Civil Protection Authority (ANPC), issues a warning that it is expected, from 12:00 noon on December 31st and 06.00 hrs on 2nd January there will be worsening of the situation related to high seas with waves reaching 4 to 5 meters along the entire coast. A total pf 15 districts are at yellow warning, six for high seas, five for high winds and four for both.

Follow the meteorological forecasts made by IPMA ( and the advice and recommendations made by the National Maritime Authority (


Depending on the expected weather conditions, the following is possible:

  • Slippery road surface with possible accumulation of water;
  • Possibility of flooding of more vulnerable areas;
  • Floods of underground urban buildings due to poor drainage conditions;
  • Damage to mounted or suspended structures;
  • Difficulties of disposal in urban drainage systems, with special emphasis on periods of high water;
  • Potential for coastal accidents;
  • Potential occurrence of accidents (land slips) caused by instability or erosion of slopes.

The ANPC recommends people to be cautious and adapt behaviour to the situation, namely:

  • Avoid crossing flooded areas, in order to prevent people or vehicles from being drawn into holes hidden in the pavement or open sewage boxes;
  • Fix loose elements, such as beach support structures, signs or advertising placards, as well as other structures suspended or installed outdoors;
  • Take special care on foot , riding or by vehicle along the coastline and in river areas that are more susceptible to coastal encroachment, avoiding, if possible, crossing, parking or staying in these places;
  • Refrain from engaging in sea-related activities, such as sport fishing, water sports and recreational walks by the sea;
  • Avoid traditional New Year’s baths in the sea and other actions of a similar nature.

In this festive season be sure to pay particular attention to meteorological information and comply with the indications, advice and recommendations of the public authorities, namely Civil Protection, the National Maritime Authority and the Security Forces.

Start the New Year Safely

Translation Provided by Safe Communities Portugal


The Metropolitan Police Command of Lisbon of the Public Security Police, in its area of ​​responsibility, continuing the objectives of prevention and deterrence of crime and illicit activities in general, carried out 81 operations in the period between 07h00 on December 22 and 07h00 on 29th December, and arrested 133 persons for the following:

  • 30 Driving under the influence of alcohol;
  • 24 Theft;
  • 19 Trafficking in drugs;
  • 18 Other Crimes;
  • 15 Driving without legal authorization;
  • 11 As a result of an Arrest Warrant;
  • 8 Resistance and coercion on employee;
  • 4 Illegal possession of a weapon;
  • 3 Disobedience; and
  • 1 Theft;

From the operational activity, it was possible to apprehend the following material: 42 Weapons, 4 blank weapons; 3 shotguns; 03 Shotguns; two rounds of 6.35 mm ammunition; one revolver, one weapon of calibre 7,65 mm; 98 rounds of ammunition.

Narcotics seized

13,518.06 Doses of narcotic product suspected of being Hashish;

1,100.35 Doses of narcotic product suspected to be Cocaine; and

81.70 Doses of narcotic product suspected of being Heroin.

Road accidents

  • Total Accidents: 348. Including one death; six seriously injured and 99 with slight injuries:

From 22-26 December, the National Republican Guard (GNR) intensified road patrolling for the busiest roads at this time of year.  During this period there 933 accidents, resulting in seven deaths, 19 serious injuries and 299 minor injuries.

The results of the GNR operations were 2 825 caught or speeding; 308 for driving under the influence of alcohol, of which 93 with a blood alcohol content equal to or greater than 1.2 g / l, 211 for improper use of the mobile phone while driving and 196 for incorrect or non-use of seat belt.

The military engaged in this operation had as a priority the prevention of road accidents, ensuring traffic flow and support to all road users, in order to provide them with a safe trip.



The Judiciary Police, through the Northern Board, have identified and arrested six men caught in the act following numerous cases of breaking into properties committed during the last two weeks in the northern region of Portugal.

The modus operandi used was the scaling and burglary of houses located in areas with residents of high socioeconomic status These occoured in the evening, taking advantage of the fact that the residents had not yet returned home after work.

During 16th/.17th December three robberies took place at homes in the areas of Braga and Oliveira de Azeméis.

The criminal group has been in Portugal since the beginning of November, and there are strong indications that have committed dozens of thefts throughout the country.

The crimes in question have provoked a great social alarm, since they are committed with great efficiency and professionalism, targeting commercial establishments and houses from which high value goods have been stolen and immediately sent overseas.

Following the investigation it was possible to apprehend the detainees and about €13.000 in cash, vehicles, presumably false identification documents, caps and disguises, gloves, electric grinders, and other objects that were carried in backpacks for the commission of the crimes.

Those now detained, of foreign nationality, aged between 24 and 43 years old, all resident abroad, are part of a larger international criminal organization suspected of having committed several other crimes of this nature in the northern part of Portugal.

The detainees have appeared for first judicial interrogation and application of conditions.


The Food and Economic Security Authority (ASAE) has opened 23 criminal cases for the sale, circulation and concealment of counterfeit products and HAS seized almost 30,000 articles in enforcement actions in several cities.

In a statement, the ASAE said that the 29,718 counterfeited articles seized, namely sports shoes, knitwear, belts, bags and wallets, fashion accessories, glasses, watches and perfumes, have a value of €330,000.

The inspectors also seized two thousand euros in cash.

The operations were carried out in the last two weeks in Lisbon, Leiria, Porto, Tagilde, Guimaraes, Palmela and Cascais, were directed to stores, street vendors and  establishments selling directly to the public and also social networking sites offering products online.


The storm is southwest of the British Isles and will gradually move eastwards

The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) forecasts more rain, wind and increased sea turmoil between late afternoon on Tuesday and the early hours of Wednesday 27th December.  This is due to the passage of a cold front associated with the Bruno depression, explains the IPMA.

All districts of continental Portugal are under yellow warning, except five in the north of the country that are under orange warning. In the south, the warning is because of the wind and also high seas in the coastal districts. The centre and north are under alert because of rain, with Porto, Braga, Viana do Castelo, Vila Real and Guarda under orange warning.

The Depression Bruno lies to the southwest of the British Isles and will gradually move to the east. Continental Portugal will be affected with moderate to strong wind expected, with gusts up to 80 km / h, reaching 110/120 km / h in the highlands of the north and centre regions. The precipitation will reach the whole territory, being more intense in the north and centre regions.

On the west coast, the effects of the Bruno depression will be felt until 28th December, with waves from the northwest 4 to 5 meters, reaching 5 to 6 meters north of Cape Carvoeiro, and swells of 10 metres.


One man died and five were injured, one of them in serious condition, in a case what is thought to be carbon monoxide poisoning, in Beja

According to the District Command of Relief Operations (CDOS) of Beja, the alert was given at 09.37 hrs on 24th December, at Rua Pedro Soares, Beja.

Beja Hospital source told the Lusa news agency that the deceased is a 36-year-old man and the injured, aged 26-36, are under observation in that hospital unit, all of whom are of foreign nationality.

In the aid to the victims were involved 11 elements of the firefighters of Beja, aided by six vehicles, an emergency medical and resuscitation (VMER) and elements of the PSP.


Although the cause of death has yet to be established people are reminded to have plenty on ventilation when using fuels such as gas, oil, coal and wood.