Violent and serious crime rose 3% last year compared to 2018, with 14,398 violent crimes registered, 40 per day, according to data from the Annual Internal Security Reports which should be approved today.

According to the Annual Internal Security Report (RASI), which will be approved today by the Superior Council for Internal Security, there were more robberies on public roads, in shops, more kidnappings and kidnappings , more violations, more serious attacks and more carjackings (car thefts).

Crime in general has also risen, with more than 335,000 crimes recorded, up 0.7% (2,400) compared to 2018.

According to the report, thefts on public roads were the violent crimes that rose the most in 2019, with almost six thousand cases (627 more, + 11.8%).

Commercial robberies rose to 432 (29.8% more).

“Thefts in schools also went up: there were up by 32. Thefts, in different forms, added up to 75.9% of the total of serious and violent crimes. They have been decreasing since 2009”.

According to RASI, there were 661 serious attacks (82 more cases, + 14.2%) and last year there were 338 abductions and kidnappings up 65.

With regard to violations, 431 (+ 2.4%) were registered – this is the third consecutive year of increase in the numbers of this particular crime.

The crimes of voluntary homicide consummated in 2019 dropped to 89 (minus 21, -19.1%), still a higher value than 2016 (76) and 2017 (82), according to the report.

RASI also highlights the increase in juvenile delinquency (committed by young people between 12 and 16 years old). There are 1,568 records (more 86, + 5.8%), reversing the decrease of previous years.

As for domestic violence, the data indicate that it rose 11.4%, with 29,498 crimes registered in the category (plus 3015, + 11.4%).

Counterfeit-related crimes also increased considerably in 2019: 13,705 seizures (+ 45%), for a total of 1 million euros (+ 68%).

Computer fraud also rose, with 16,310 being reported last year (another 6,527, + 66.7%). There were 10,990 “other scams” (-4.7%).

The report also highlights an increase in simple assaults, with 23,279 registered last year (455 more, + 2%). Threat and coercion also: 15,136 (+ 5.1%).

RASI, quoted by the newspaper, also indicates that Castelo Branco (+ 20.7%), Portalegre (+ 10.5%), Faro (+ 8.3%) and Aveiro (+ 5.9%) are the districts to lead the rise of general crime.

It is also highlighted in the report that PSP, GNR, PJ, SEF and Maritime Police ended 2019 with 44,642 elements (45,522 in 2018). 1,284 policemen left and only 411 entered.

The 2019 Annual Homeland Security Report (RASI), a document in which crime statistics and police operational results are published, should have been released three months ago.

The Internal Security Law requires that RASI be sent to parliament by March 31, but the declaration of a state of emergency on the 18th of that month, because of the covid-19, led the prime minister’s office to request the suspension deadline.

At the beginning of the year, the Minister of Home Affairs said that preliminary data from RASI pointed to a further decline in violent crime in 2019.

In the RASI, an analysis and evaluation is carried out by the Superior Council for Internal Security – which includes, among others, all security forces and services, Armed Forces and respective supervisory ministers – and the strategic priorities for the following year are prepared.