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The hydric stress on the vine and the intense heat could cause a “remarkable drop in production” in the Douro vineyards. The year 2022 is therefore a year of uncertainty for the oldest demarcated and regulated region in the world — the Douro.

“What we’ve found was that the very high temperatures led to shatter (coulure) [a physiological incident in which the flower does not evolve into fruit], the dryness led to a lesser expansion of the leaves and smaller grape berries”, explained Rosa Amador, director-general of ADVID.

At the moment, “production is no longer considered to be able to reach the minimum estimate of 262.000 barrels of wine”. “It is still very difficult to make a prediction of what the break will be”, she admitted. The past week was one of “scorched conditions”, in which the grape berry may have been burnt.

On the other hand, 2022 is a year without problems in terms of diseases and pests in the vineyard.

The greatest difficulties can be felt in the Douro Superior and in the lower areas of Cima Corgo.

Let us remember that the national record for the maximum temperature (47ºC) for the month of July was beaten exactly in Pinhão, the heart of the Douro demarcated area.

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Although the weather is returning to what is “seasonable” for this times of year compared to the extreme conditions earlier this month, we must not let our fire guard down and we should continue to be FIREWISE

Be aware of the rural fire restrictions currently in place.

Be aware of how to avoid dehydration or other health problems due to exposure to sun and hot weather

Keep up to date with the fire warning through IMPA

Be alert to SMS messages from ANEPC concerning the weather/fire situation

Ensure that you have done everything you can to protect your property from fire

Know what to do should a fire approach you and/or your property

Monitor the fires through ANEPC

If you see a fire call 112 immediately – every second counts

High risk areas – Have an emergency kit ready in case of evacuation

Avoid any actions that could cause a fire – 98% are human cause

Know where to find further information here:

Fire risk:

Fire monitoring:…/SITUACAO…/Paginas/default.aspx…

Health high temperatures:…/sun-and…/

Action in event of fires:…/during-fires/

IPMA weather:

IPMA warnings:

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Date/Time fire registered: 27-07-2022 17:14
We have created this as a Major incident and this is be detailed in SITREPs and updated on our website page here:
Estado: Under Resolution
Local: Revel
Freguesia: Tresminas
Concelho: Vila Pouca De Aguiar
Distrito: Vila Real
Incêndio: Bush and pine forest
N.º Oc. 2022170024637
UPDATE 0630 hrs 30th July 2022.
Fire remains under resolution with reduced deployment. 288 operatives and 87 vehicles.
Having been active for two days the fire has now been brought to a resolution.
The fire has been fought by over 500 operatives with up to 12 aircraft and helicopter for the two day period.
During the night there will be a repositioning of assets and a “massive presence” of operatives will be maintained in operations of consolidation, aftermath and surveillance” and on Saturday there will also be a “very strong presence of operatives” to prevent reactivations, according to the commander. District Relief Operations Officer of Vila Real (CODIS), Miguel Fonseca.
According to the municipality, Vila Pouca de Aguiar lost about 4,000 hectares of pine forest, bush and agricultural crops in the two major fires that raged in the municipality in the last two weeks, with a high financial loss for the local population.
A total of 313 operatives and 92 vehicles remain deployed.
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Lisbon, Jul 26, 2022 (Lusa) – The Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI) indicated today that the constitution of 65 new Permanent Intervention Teams (EIP) has been authorized for the voluntary fire brigades in the second half of the year, totalling 325 firefighters.

In a statement, the MAI states that 734 EIPs are currently authorized and 553 teams are operating that are a permanent professional response to civil protection risks in humanitarian firefighters associations.

According to the MAI, this authorization to sign the 65 protocols allows for the constitution of four first teams, 11 second teams, created in fire departments where an EIP already existed, 49 third teams and a fourth EIP.

The MAI states that, of the 65 new EIPs, 36 will be set up in low-density territories and states that the selection of these teams “was based on objective and verifiable criteria, established by the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority and presented to the Portuguese Fire Brigade League”.

The protocols, to be concluded between the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority, municipal councils and humanitarian firefighters associations, aim to improve the efficiency of Civil Protection and the conditions of prevention and assistance in the face of accidents and disasters, according to the MAI.

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ARE YOU IN TERCEIRA ISLAND, AZORES, OVER THIS WEEKEND? AIRBASE N4 HAS AN OPEN DAY, VISIT ITAir Base Nº 4 (BA4), on Terceira Island, will have its open day, this Sunday, July 31st, between 10:00 and 17:00.On this Open Day, as part of the celebrations of the 70th Anniversary of the Air Force, visitors will be able to watch static exhibitions of aircrafts, such as the EH-101 MERLIN, C-295M, F-16, among others.They can also visit the BA4 Museum, watch canine demonstrations and experience flight simulators.Entry is free of charge.Program here…/Programa%20Base%20Aberta%20BA4.pdf
May be an image of aircraft, outdoors and text that says 'ANIVERSÁRIO DA FORÇA AÉREA PORTUGUESA BASE ABERTA BA4 LAJES ĐD FORÇA AÉREA 1952|2022 31 JULHO 10H00 / 17H00 -Exposição estática das aeronaves: MERLIN C-295M F-16 P-3C CUP+ Viaturas blindadas -Simuladores Voo -Área de Realidade Virtual -Exposição temática das Esquadras Serviços representativos da BA4 -Participação Centro de Recrutamento da Força Aérea -Visitas Museu da BA4 -Batismos 00 -Demonstração da Secção Cinotécnica -Visitas Torre de Controlo -Spotters Day -Aeromodelismo -Food Court'
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Over the last three weeks we have seen several major fires where people have been evacuated /displaced from their homes. As we have seen fires can move quickly so being prepared is important.

When you need to evacuate from a rural fire there may be no time to lose – this is not the time start thinking about what to pack. You must leave your home as soon as physically possible which is why an easy to carry Emergency Kit is a good thing to have on hand and stored in a convenient place.

If there are several people in your household, they should each have their own Emergency Kit – if only a couple, one shared kit should be enough. Backpacks are ideal for storing the necessary items and are quick to grab. Food and water could go in a cool box light enough to easily lift into your car.

A basic kit should comprise the following, but of course can be supplemented by other items as well.

• First-aid kit;

• Your usual medication;

• Water and non-perishable food;

• Personal hygiene products;

• A change of clothes;

• Radio, flashlight and whistle;

• Money;

• Family / friends contact list/copy important documents/back-up; USB stick and charger

If you already have one, check it is up to date

Based on ANEPC guidelines.

Action during Rural fires here:…/during-fires/

Safe Communities Portugal is a qualified Civil Protection Volunteer Organisation under Portuguese law

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CP Strike

CP informs that, due to a strike called by a trade union organization representing the workers of IP (railway infrastructure managers) strong disturbances are expected in the train’s circulation, at a national level, in all services, on the 1st, 3rd and 5th of August, 2022.

For more information – Helpline (808 109 110 – cost of a call to the national fixed network), Gabinetes Apoio ao Cliente and CP Ticket Offices.…/notas-imprensa/greve-infraestruturas

Customers who already have tickets purchased to travel on Alfa Pendular, Intercidades, Internacional, InterRegional and Regional trains will be entitled to a refund, in the total amount of the ticket purchased, or its free revalidation for another train of the same category and in the same class.

Refunds or revalidation can be done on myCP in the “Os seus bilhetes” tab (for tickets purchased online and on CP App) up to 30 minutes before the train departure from the customer’s station of origin, as well as at the ticket offices.

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Returning to paradise for residents and visitors – Gambelas rural fire


Following the rural fire that affected large areas betwewen Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo, Sulformacao interviewed David Thomas President Safe Communities  and Antonia Vignolo, advisor to Safe Communities Portugal on major disaster preparedness

Published By Pedro Lemos, Sulnformacao -15th July 2022

“Antonia Vignolo still has the scene from the day before yesterday very vivid in her memory: «it was frightening – the flames were 10 meters from our house. The Italian, who lives between Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo, was one of the people who evacuated her home in fear of the fire. With the fire under control, these tourist resorts are now trying to become synonymous with paradise for tourists and residents, after the hell of Wednesday, the 13th.

It was close to 9:00 am when Antonia began to get alarmed.

“I smelled the smoke, went to the terrace and saw many black clouds. I saw ash falling and then I got worried”, she says, near her house, in the Quinta da Jacintina area, between Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo.

Antonia Vignolo knows what she’s talking about.

The Italian, who has lived in the Algarve for two and a half years, is a specialist in EP&R of Prepared International (PPI), an experts organization whose main clients are the World Bank, UN agencies, NGOs, Governments, among others and soon decided what to do in this case.

“I saw that we should start preparing, pack our essentials and leave the house: me, my parents and our four dogs and a cat”, she recalls.

And the truth is that, in “half an hour, 45 minutes”, the flames reached Antonia’s house.

“They were there, in front of our house”, she points out.

“We were very afraid because we have tall trees, very tall palm trees, but in the end, we didn’t have any damage to our house”, she says.

Antonia’s father was the only person who stayed at home to be able to “follow the situation”.

“The moment he saw that the flames were going to reach our garden, he went back inside, took a hose and started to water everything, our garden, but also the neighbours’ gardens”, she says.

This measure was, in the words of the young Italian woman, ‘very useful’, as was the removal of ‘the gas cylinders’.

The tranquillity with which Antonia talks reflects the feeling that was experienced yesterday at Quinta do Lago.

After the fear Wednesday, when flames threatened homes, yesterday this tourist resort lived an almost normal day.

Smoke could still be seen – and breathed in – and, in the many areas of pine forest and once lush gardens, there was a trail of destruction, with burned trees and damaged road signs.

The Ludo, Pinheiros Altos and Valverde areas were the most affected. On the roads, fire engines could also be seen, while the noise of the helicopter, attentive to any re-ignition, was a constant.

David Thomas is the president of Safe Communities Portugal an association that engages between the international community and the different security and civil protection forces in the region. He commented that Wednesday was a day of great concern. “Many people contacted us to find out how things were going, where was the fire, how was it spreading, if the fire was close, what should they do”, he tells the report of Sul Informação.

On the Facebook page, Safe Communities has been publishing “several updates” about the fire that have been the subject of «many comments and shares».

In the opinion of David Thomas, the many foreigners residing in the Algarve were “aware” of the danger of fire these days.

“It is important for people to know how to react, to follow the instructions of the authorities and to understand that, in a large fire, it is not possible to have a firefighter at the door of every house”, he says.

After the moments of panic, Antonia Vignolo, who is also a volunteer and adviser at Safe Communities, managed to return home around 9 pm, when the GNR reopened the access.

The memories of a day of panic were left behind, but also a certainty: in the end, the scenario could have been even worse.


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Pilot André Serra dies in the crash.

In a statement, the Civil Protection indicates that the plane that crashed in the early evening was “a FireBoss amphibious plane, from the Centro de Meios Aereos de Viseu, assigned to the Special Device for Fighting Rural Fires”.

The pilot later named as Pilot André Serra aged 30 years lost his life in the crash.

Also according to the statement, the aircraft “crashed this afternoon while operating in the Fire in Torre de Moncorvo, Bragança, with the alert having been given at 19:55 and there was a fatality to be recorded, the pilot-commander of the aircraft”.

According to the national commander of Civil Protection, André Fernandes, resources have already been sent to the scene, namely an INEM helicopter, Air Force search and rescue resources, firefighters from the Guarda and Bragança districts, elements of the Maritime Police, and a Civil Protection coordination helicopter.

In the last two decades, six Portuguese pilots who participated in firefighting operations died in about a dozen accidents.

Prime minister Antonio Costa on Twitter “It was with great dismay that I learned of the death of the pilot who operated an aircraft that crashed this afternoon in the fight against the fire in Torre de Moncorvo.

I send my deepest condolences to family and friends.

To all the operatives who are on the ground, I convey my solidarity and gratitude for their commitment and dedication to fighting the fires that have ravaged our country.”


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Heatwave affecting Western Europe

Air temperatures
Another extreme heatwave is ongoing in Western Europe, with many temperature records being broken in Portugal and Spain. According to the national meteorological organisation of Portugal (IPMA), the Pinhão weather station recorded an air temperature of 47°C on 14 July, setting a new July record for the country.
The previous maximum value for the month was 46.5°C, reached in Amareleja, Alentejo, in 1995. On 12 July, the city of Ourense in north western Spain set its all-time temperature record with 43.2°C.
But the national official maximum value is still in Amareleja, 47,3 °C in August 1st, 2003.
The Land Surface Temperature (LST) in some areas of Spain exceeded 59°C and reached 48°C in southern France on 14 July 2022, as highlighted in this data visualisation of measurements from the Copernicus Sentinel-3 Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer (SLSTR) instrument.
NB: The LST is the temperature of the soil and should not be confused with air temperature. However, the high air temperatures are reflected in land surface temperature values.
The Copernicus Sentinel-3 mission is composed of two twin satellites (Sentinel-3A and Sentinel-3B) both equipped with the SLSTR, an instrument whose main objective is to provide Sea and Land Surface Temperature (SST, LST).

Credit: European Union, Copernicus Sentinel-3 imagery