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ALGARSAFE’23 Group Presentation on “Risk Communication and Awareness” for the Foreign Community


Saturday 20th May 2023 1200 to 13.00 hrs Portimão Arena and the Fairs and Exhibitions Park

This will be a unique opportunity to hear in English from the experts about risk communication and interpretation of warning and alert systems.

Between May 18th and 20th, the Portimão Arena and the Fairs and Exhibitions Park will host ALGARSAFE´23 – Portimão International Civil Protection and Relief Fair, in an initiative co-organized by the Portimão City Council and the Bombeiros de Portimão,, with the support from the National Authority for Emergency and Civil Protection, also counting on institutional partners of national reference, such as the National School of Firefighters, the National Institute of Medical Emergency, the Authority for Working Conditions and Safe Communities Portugal, among others.

Considered the largest fair of its kind in the south of the Tagus, ALGARSAFE´23 will be attended by over 65 public and private entities, including providers and suppliers of goods and services in the area of security and civil protection, as well as Civil Protection Agents and cooperating entities of the Integrated Protection and Rescue Operations System at national level.

A unique opportunity to visit a space dedicated “body and soul” to emergency, civil protection and security.

A commercial space for those looking for the best solutions and equipment, with thematic, pedagogical and discussion forums on current issues, training for those responsible for protecting, saving or even preventing, unprecedented moments to understand the functioning of the Civil Protection System in Portugal, as well as actions aimed at those who want to learn to be more aware and prepared in their self-protection.

An event aimed equally at families, with playful moments where children can even trigger the sirens of vehicles!

On Saturday 20th May from 12.00 13:00 hrs there will be group presentation with questions and answers on “Risk Communication for Foreign Communities” facilitated by Safe Communities Portugal.

Synopsis: Session will be delivered in English, involving the different players in risk communication and interpretation of warning and alert systems, with the participation of:

Republican National Guard,

Institute of Nature Conservation and Forestry,

National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority and the

Municipality of Civil Protection of Portimão.

This is open to the general public and all are welcome to attend.

*Registration at the ALGARSAFE’23 secretariat (desk) on the day or by email: Free registration, limited to the number of places available.

ALGARSAFE’23: Organisation Portimão City Council and the Bombeiros de Portimão