The Judicial Police Officers through the Board of South, and in collaboration with UDYCO Unit (drugs and organized crime) of Huelva, the National Police of Spain, detained five men and seized about 2000 Kgs of hashish and two vehicles.

The investigation between the two law enforcement authorities commenced two months ago. On 8th November a large cement vehicle crossed the International Bridge over the Rio Guardiana heading towards Tavira. It was followed by police to Cumenda near Tavira, where drugs were hidden in a property owned by an absentee foreigner. It is believed that owner may not have been aware of this. At the point where the drugs were being loaded onto the vehicle the police mounted the operation arresting all five persons involved.

The detainees are  aged between 58 and 30 years and include Romanian, Dutch and Spanish nationals.They have appeared in court for an application to be remanded in custody.

A further three suspects of Mor0can nationality have been arrested in Spain.

It is believed that the lorry would have returned to Spain with the drugs, for transportation to northern Europe. The Judicial Police have stated that they expect further arrests in connection with this investigation in order to neutralize the gang completely.