Seizure of 850 kg of tobacco leaf and 320 thousand euros

The Fiscal Action Unit, through the Oporto Tax Action Detachment, conducted an operation on 25th November in Gondomar, involving a factory dealing in the illegal transformation of tobacco leaf and seized 850 kilos of tobacco leaves with an estimated value of 165 Thousand euros, among other material.

The operation involved two home searches and two non-domiciliary searches, resulting in the arrest of a 52 year old man and the seizure of:

  • EUR 320 000 in cash;
  • 53 kilograms of molten silver, with estimated value over 36 thousand euros,
  • Two computers and seven pieces of telecommunications equipment;
  • One illegal weapon and 120 rounds of ammunition;
  • 60 packs of manufactured tobacco;
  • 160 packets of fine-cut tobacco;
  • Two scales;
  • Three tobacco leaf grinding machines.

The suspect was arrested whilst caught in the act when he was seven pallets with 850 kilos of tobacco leaf. He has been subjected to house remand pending trial.