The Judicial Police have arrested 56 individuals linked to the Hells Angels motorcycle group for, aggression, arms trafficking, drug and criminal association.

A new attack by the Hells Angels was imminent, believes the Judiciary Police (PJ), which arrested a total of 56 individuals linked to the motorcycle group on Wednesday, in a north-south operation.

The proximity of Faro’s motorcycle gathering, within a few days, precipitated the police action, for serious fear of increasing escalation of violence against rival group Red & Gold, linked to the Americans Los Bandidos.

The Judicial Police, through the National Counter-Terrorism Unit (UNCT), in close coordination with all of its structures based in the national territory and under investigation by the DCIAP, following a complex investigation, have conducted a vast operation aimed at the complete dismantling of a violent criminal association.

This action is part of a series of investigations into the illegal activities carried out on the national territory by the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club ( HAMC ).

Around 80 search warrants were executed today (Wed 11th July) targeted at the suspects in this criminal structure, consisting of extremely dangerous individuals with extensive criminal records and extensive experience in the area of ​​violent and organized crime.

The detainees will be present from tomorrow to the first judicial interrogation for the application of the measure of coercion deemed to be convenient.

Today, the Judiciary Police will provide additional clarification on the development of this operation.