It was reported that on 7th May 2014 a 70 year old former teacher from a secondary school in Albufeira was arrested in the Dominican republic after it was discovered that 50 kgs of cocaine was found in her suitcase.

The teacher (a Portuguese national) who was in a group of five elderly persons had boarded a flight to Lisbon at Punta Cana airport and was awaiting for take off when the the arrest took place.

The lady and her friends in the group have denied that the suitcase belonged to her and it is alleged that officials at the airport placed a name tag in her name on the suitcase. In the container where the suitcase was found other drugs were also discovered.

The flight was an Airbus A310-304 chartered under the name of “White Airways”.

According to sources police believe she may have been targeted by an interational drug trafficking gang.