On 7th December the Metropolitan command of the PSP of Lisbon, 3rd Division arrested a man aged 83 year, for possession of various firearms, weapons, ammunition.

PSP on patrol in Benfica, Lisbon, approached the citizen walking along a public road, who appeared to be behaving suspiciously. He was found to be in possession of various rounds of ammunition.

In subsequent steps a search was undertaken in an annex  of the residence of the individual in a rural area in Benfica, and the following items were found and seized:

  • 13 blank weapons of various characteristics;
  • 2 revolvers. 22 with holster;
  • 1. 25-caliber pistol with charger;
  • 1. 6.35-caliber pistol mm amended to caliber 8 mm with charger and holster;
  • 1 Replica of gun, 6.35 mm;
  • 1 Rifle – class D
  • Several different calibres of ammo.

The Detainee was summoned to appear before the court of Lisbon, for questioning the judicial process.