84% of fire brigades failed to report information to district commanders

A new report from the Portuguese Firemen’s League revealed that 84 percent of fire brigades failed to report to Socorro district commanders any operational information.

The LBP said on Tuesday 11th December that 84 percent of fire brigades failed to report any operational information to District Relief Operations (CDOS) commanders, a protest LBP says will continue “indefinitely.”

“This process will continue indefinitely. It is only stopped if there is a calamity, a catastrophe or a serious accident and then it is restarted, “said LBP president Jaime Marta Soares at a press conference to take stock of the ongoing lawsuit.

Jaime Marta Soares said that CDOS are “collecting information through INEM and the security forces”.

LBP data indicate that 348 of the country’s 414 fire brigades have joined the protest, with the Algarve being the only district reporting information to CDOS.

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