On 29th August in the afternoon a PSP agent, a GNR officer and a young man died after being shot in Quinta do Conde, Sesimbra, Setubal sequence disagreements between neighbours. It apparently started because of an argument over the dog of one of the residents.

The PSP officer, who was working at the Prime Minister’s office as a driver, was the first to be killed. He was due to retire shortly. He was unarmed and off duty in the area of Rua Alexandre Herculano, where he also lived. According to neighbours’ accounts, the agent was next to his car when he was hit. The son, 23, was standing in the street. The assailant a 77-year-old man reportedly fired five shots from shotgun from one of the windows of the house in front of the car.

The PSP agent died immediately. The son, who accompanied him, was also hit and was seriously injured. He was attended to by INEM, but died later in the evening at St. Bernard Hospital in Setúbal.

GNR of Quinta do Conde, prompted by successive telephone calls from residents of that area, sent a patrol. The leader of the patrol who had just reached the site, became the next victim. The GNR Guarda, aged 25, was hit in the head by a shot, whilst his back was turned to the gunman trying to rescue the son of PSP officer.

After the shooting, the suspect, described by neighbours as a civil builder, barricaded himself in a room. “We had to resort to tactical police officers procedures to surround the house and after a while we decided to go in and the suspect was arrested”, explained Lt. Col. Jorge Goulão of the GNR. When they entered the house, the military realized that the man had tried to commit suicide. It has fired him own shotgun.

The suspect was also attended by INEM and transported by ambulance to the Hospital of St. Bernard, in Setúbal, where he remains hospitalized.

Minister of Internal Affairs regrets deaths
Minister of Internal Affairs expressed with deep regrets the death of two members of the security forces.

In a statement, Anabela Miranda Rodrigues sent “heartfelt condolences” to the families of victims, “and the entire staff of the GNR and PSP,” also mourning the death of a third person in the same incident.