The IPMA have issued a Red maximum heavy train warning from the Acores from 1200 to 1800 hrs on Saturday, 15th September, and may be extended all day Sunday. An orange level warning will be raised at 0900 hrs. An orange level warning will also be in place for high winds from 1800 hrs increasing to a red warning from 2200 hrs to 0300 hrs on 16th Sept. A high seas orange warning will be in place from 2000 hrs increasing to red level from 2200 hrs to midnight.

IPMA explains that “Helene cyclone is moving north north east north at 37 kph, with a forecast of the trajectory indicating that it should cross the archipelago between the Western groups (Flores and Corvo) and Central (Terceira, São Jorge, Pico, Graciosa and Faial).

For the Central Group, IPMA has issued an orange warning running from 9 AM Saturday until 9 AM Sunday.

IPMA has also informed that the expected average wind is estimated to be 90 km/h and gusts could reach 120 km/h.

Orange wind warnings were issued for the Western and Central groups.

Tropical Storm Helene, located south of Flores, will also cause, from Saturday, waves that may reach 8 to 10 metres, especially on the south coast of Western Group islands and on the “Triangle” islands (Faial, Pico and São Jorge).

The Azores Regional Civil Protection and Fire Service (SRPCBA) also informs that various Civil Protection entities will be on standby from Saturday, namely Municipal Civil Protection Services, the Regional Directorates for Public Works and Communications, Environment and Health, as well as the 17 regional fire brigades.

The Azores Civil Protection services will reinforce emergency teams in the Western Group today by deploying equipment and a team from the Regional Directorate for Health.

SRPCBA points out that this situation should not raise alarm and panic, if citizens take into consideration the official information released by SRPCBA and IPMA and adopt self-protection measures in the event of a storm, as recommended by the Azores Regional Civil Protection and Fire Service.

Civil Protection Advice

SRPCBA advises against unnecessary traffic in the hours covered by the weather warnings, due to the possibility of forming water sheets due to heavy rainfall.

In unpaved places, the waters can cause soil erosion, leading to the fall of walls, slopes, poles, among others, warns Civil Protection, which also asks the population to protect roofs, doors and windows and remove loose objects from the garden, since they can be displaced by strong wind.

The SRPCBA advises the reinforcement of the moorings of the vessels or the placement in a safe place, and special care travelling near the coast and riverside zones.

The authorities also advise against carrying out sea-related activities, such as sport fishing, water sports or seafront walks.