On 25th September 2014 officers from GNR Albufeira arrested a British citizen aged 36 years and identified four others for theft, after executing a number of search warrants.

The arrest resulted from an investigation by the GNR into the person’s involvement into a number of thefts at several hotels in the area.  The arrested person is reported to be British.

The detained citizen entered hotels and stole items belonging to tourists, including watches, computer high value items, bags and money.

During the search at his residence several computer items and various wristwatches and 184 doses of hashish and 1.2 grams of marijuana were recovered. The items recovered were part of items stolen from hotels which were previously reported to the GNR.

It has been reported in the media that the four persons identified were sent the stolen items by post by the person arrested.

It is this belief that the person arrested is responsible for many other thefts using the same modus operandi that have occurred in recent months in the area.

The person was first arrested in July this year and following an earlier court appearance has been reporting to the GNR.