In the early hours of 28th May a 40 year old British woman was stabbed 14 times in the back after she returned home with a 22 year old man she met in a bar whilst celebrating her birthday in Albufeira.

At around 0530 hrs following the attack she managed to flee and asked for help in the street.

The suspected culprit was later arrested by the GNR at a bus station close by and said that he did not remember anything. He appeared to be either drunk or had taken drugs.

The police later recovered a kitchen knife.

It is reported the family are shocked as the youth had lived in the area with his grandparents who are also British and are considered by all to be a quiet person and well behaved.

The victim from Liverpool has subsequently claimed that the culprit “spiked her drink” and passed out. When she awoke with the stabbing the man cried out that “he had killed Maddie whilst stabbing her”!!


Draw your own conclusions.