On Wednesday 20th August 2014 one person was killed and another seriously injured following a dispute in a bar in the Avenida sa Carneiro (The Strip) Albufeira.

The person who died was a bouncer employed by the bar who was stabbed with a knife and the perpetrator was seriously injured. The incident occurred at about 3:00 a.m., when the bouncer intervened on a disagreement between an employee and a group of customers, of Portuguese nationality resident in Greater Lisbon.

The clash was interrupted by the intervention unit of GNR. Two ambulances arrived at the scene and despite efforts by the crew of Emergency Resuscitation and Ambulance Basic Life Support INEM the bouncer later died. The perpetrator is in hospital in Lisbon. The Judicial Police are investigating the incident.

Reports in the Correira da Manha dated 22nd August suggest that the perpetrator had been banned from the bar 3 days beforehand and had returned to seek revenge.