On 26th May 2014, two Algerian men appeared in court in Loule following their arrest for a series of robberies which took place in Quinta do Lago, Loule municipality in August last year.

The men who were wanted by INTERPOL, for robberies in Monaco and Marseille, were arrested in their hotel room in Quateria on 18th August 2013. Their modus operandi was steel handbags from beaches and use the keys found in bags to enter hotel rooms and homes in the area. They then stole jewelery and watches most of which have since been returned to the owners.

The robbers were arrested by GNR Loule after they were seen on CCTV. It is believed that the robbers entered Portugal using false passports and carried out at least 6 robberies in a period of a few days before being arrested.

Media reports at the time that an investigation was also being undertaken into the proceeds of the robbers being used to fund extremest groups are unfounded.