Case has already been reported to the Public Prosecution Service

Aliens and Borders Service awaits the “rapid clearance of responsibilities”.

The Aliens and Borders Service (SEF) announced today that it has filed a complaint with the prosecutor of evidence of a crime of aiding illegal immigration due to the alleged sale of service slots on classified ad portals.

The entry was presented in May, pending SEF’s “quick clearance of responsibilities” following reports that “service vacancies were allegedly being sold through online classified ad sites.”

In a statement, the SEF referred to the “misuse” of the Automatic Scheduling System (SAPA) through computer systems (called ‘bots’ that simulate actions on a computer) and’ well-founded suspicions of catching vacancies by individuals, based on service package ‘orders’ which include scheduling and order preparation for the SEF “.

According to the Aliens and Borders Service, there was “an abnormal volume of access to the SAPA scheduling system”, namely on April 26 and May 8, “after the release of 2,000 appointment vacancies”, which were filled in a short period of time.

In view of this, SEF decided to make vacancies available on the booking computer system and to activate the “reCAPTCHA” (dialog box system) functionality on the SAPA portal authentication page, regretting “the disturbances and the constraints” in the bookings made to users.