Allegedly robbed at home by two false EDP officials, Rosa Macedo, 80, had hoped that the criminals would be punished and gold recovered. But the alleged clues she provided to the police were not enough and the case was shelved by the Public Prosecution Service (PM) late last year, as reported by the Jornel de Noticais (JN).

In September 2015, the elderly woman complained to the authorities about the theft of all the gold (rings, threads, earrings and rings), worth 4200 euros, which she kept in the wardrobe. At the time, she described as the perpetrators two women, looking between 30 and 40 years old, who entered her apartment on Rua de Faria Guimarães in Oporto, under the pretext of collecting their data for her to receive “discounts” from light.

“It was lunchtime. They took advantage of the moment when my husband went out for coffee and they went in. One stayed talking to me and the other one walked around the house,” Rosa Macedo told JN, revealing that she only noticed the assault on the following day. “Everything they took me has sentimental value, such as 25-year-old wedding rings and a cordon of my grandmother,” he lamented.

The elderly woman, retired from the Civil Service, indicated to the PSP as alleged “moral author” of the crime a cleaning maid who worked at her house, suspecting that she would have revealed to the two women the hiding place of the gold. And she also reported a “strange” phone call received from someone questioning whether she “was satisfied with EDP.” The maid, heard as an accused, denied the theft. Regarding the phone call, another woman was identified, but claimed that she made the call by mistake and did not make any reference to EDP. Already after the suit is filed, Rosa Macedo says she received another phone call from a woman who demanded money to return a stolen cord.

The prosecution maintained that the victim’s testimony was not corroborated by other evidence.