Following the information provided by IPMA, from Sunday, October 22, and until the end of the week, the period will be dry with increased temperatures, above average ​​for this time of year.


Despite rain in some areas in recent days the conditions are favourable for the spread of rural fires should a fire start, as the country has experienced a long period of drought and there is also a large amount of material accumulated material that is likely to burn rapidly and violently in forest areas.


In view of this, it is imperative to avoid the risk of forest fires over the next few days. In accordance with the legal provisions in force and due to the extension of the critical period up to 31 October, it is not allowed to:

  • Burn bonfires for recreation or leisure or for food confectionery;
  • Use burning and combustion equipment for lighting or cooking food;
  • Burning land or debris;
  • Launch balloons with lit wick or any other type of rocket;
  • Smoking or making fire of any kind in the forest spaces and crossing or surrounding pathways;
  • Fumigate or disinfect apiaries with utensils that are not equipped with sparking devices.

In addition the ANPC states that some special precautions must be taken in relation to the predicted weather conditions, in particular as regards agricultural and forestry work:

  • Keep machines and equipment clean of oils and dust;
  • To fill the machines in cold and in a place with little vegetation;
  • Keep all sparks carefully when handling them, avoiding them during periods of high heat.

The ANPC also stresses the need for everyone to adjust their behaviour and attitudes to the forest fire hazard situation that will occur during the next few days, stressing the need to be attentive, prudent and careful in the use and enjoyment of rural aareas.

All should respect the prohibitions in force and pay special attention to the evolution of the forest fire hazard for the next few days in the different regions of the country. To this end, they should seek information through the ANPC and IPMA websites