The National Civil Protection Authority (ANPC) will carry out on May 18 and 19 the MONTEMURO 2018 exercise, in the districts of Aveiro and Viseu.

This is a civil protection exercise that takes place on the first day, May 18, in the CPX (Command Post Exercise) modality, that is, in the context of an operating room, and on the second day, May 19, in the mode LIVEX (Live Exercise), that is, with movement in the field of operational means.  It will be held within the framework of the “Safe Village” and “Safe People” Programs, in order to implement strategies to protect the population and encourage the participation of the population, a scenario of evacuation of the village of Aziboso, Cinfães municipality, will be simulated.

The SMS Warning System will also be tested for the populations of the districts of Aveiro and Viseu, who will be informed about the extreme risk situation in the context of a rural fire resulting from the declaration of the special alert status of SIOPS (Sistema Integrado de Protection and Relief Operations) to the red level.

This exercise will also test scenarios of communications failure, power failure and congestion of the SIRESP network, in order to assess the effectiveness of the redundant systems implemented, namely through the activation of generators and the mobile communications station.

About 850 operational officers of the National Protection and Relief Operations System will be involved in the exercise