The following bulletin has been issued by the ANPC following contact today (20th October) with the IPMA taking into account available meteorological information:

 Saturday – 21 October, the occurrence of slight rainfall, from 00:00 and 12:00.hrs A decrease in maximum temperature is forecast, in the order of 3ºC in the North and Center regions, with the highest temperatures being in the Alentejo and Algarve (20 to 25ºC). The wind may intensify on the coast, turning to the north / northwest quadrant, and in the highlands can reach 30 to 45 km / h throughout the territory.

 Sunday – 22 October, the maximum temperature will rise, around 4ºC, especially in the interior of the North and Center regions. The wind will blow from the north / northeast quadrant (<20 to 30 km / h). In the highlands (quota> 800m) it will blow from the east / northeast quadrant, reaching 30 to 40 km / h by the end of the morning.

 Sea waves, which may reach 4 to 5 m, from 06:00. on Saturday (21 Out) to 22.00 hrs on Sunday, with the most critical period expected to occur from mid-morning to mid-afternoon on Saturday.


Depending on the present and predicted meteorological conditions, it is expected:

  • Possibility of flooding at coastal gullies in historically most vulnerable areas;
  • Damage to structures set up along the coast;
  • Drainage problems in urban systems, especially during periods of high tide, and may cause flooding in historically more vulnerable places;
  • Possible coastal shoreline accidents;
  • Instability of slopes due to the loss of their consistency.

The ANPC recommends to the population the adoption of preventive precautionary measures, namely:

 Ensure proper setting of loose structures;

 Take special care along the coastline and riverside areas historically more vulnerable to coastal gullies, avoiding, if possible, walking or staying in these places;

 Avoid activities related to the sea, namely sport fishing, water sports and walks by the sea, as well as parking vehicles very close to the seafront;

 Be aware of meteorological information and Civil Protection and Security Forces indications.