On 22nd March at 2100 hrs the National Civil Protection Authority (ANPC) sent a joint operational force with search, rescue, protection and rescue capacity in complex emergency situations to Mozambique.

This force is made up of operatives of the Special Firefighters Force (10 elements), Firefighters Volunteers of several corporations of the district of Santarém (19 elements), National Republican Guard (18 elements) and National Institute of Medical Emergency (1 element) , who will support the Mozambican authorities in the relief operations for the victims of the cyclone Idai that has lashed out at the country.

This operation, coordinated by ANPC, departed on a commercial plane from AT1 (Figo Maduro military airport). Aboard is diverse medical material of support to the Hospital of Beira. These elements will join the advanced multidisciplinary civil protection team that was sent on March 21st.

National support comes as a result of the request for international assistance to support the relief operations presented by the Mozambican authorities under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.