The Judiciary Police, through the Center’s Board of Directors, in close collaboration and cooperation with the National Police Corps of Spain, identified the suspected perpetrators of two counts of attempted murder of two GNR Transit personnel of GNR Coimbra, that occurred on 15th June, in the Cernache – Coimbra area.

On 28th June resulting from international police cooperation, the suspect was found, questioned and detained in the city of Seville by members of the Homicide Investigation Brigade of Seville, of the National Police Corps of Spain

The Judiciary Police, in liaison with its counterparts, deployed a team from the Centre’s Board of Directors to Seville, in order to provide support and carry out various investigations.

From the evidentiary procedures carried out, it resulted in the seizure of relevant evidence in relation to the crimes in question.

The Portuguese judicial authorities have initiated legal proceedings, in particular the issuance of a European Arrest Warrant, in view of the extradition of the suspect to our country.

The suspect, 42 years old, is a Portuguese citizen and has criminal records related to particularly violent crime, both in Portugal and in Spain.