On 11th September 2014 a massive police operation was undertaken by the Judicial Police assisted by the GNR and the Special Operations group, which led to the capture of gang leader Fabio Fernandes Santos , known as Fabio Cigano.

Fabio Cigano escaped from custody in 2013 after being arrested for kidnapping, possession of weapons and drug trafficking and was wanted in Spain for murder. He was described as very dangerous.

The operation took place in the village of Corte Pereiras near Alcoutim  close to the Spanish border. Also arrested was another person, although two escaped in a BMW. During the operation 5 kilos of hashish, two pistols, €1500 in cash and two high value cars were seized. In a follow up operation two carbines, 4 shotguns and another kilo of hashish were seized from a property in Faro.

He is currently being held in custody.