Next Saturday, August 29, the Cantares e Saberes initiative will take place in the municipality of Gavião. This training action aims to “value the power of the arts in the invitation to reflect on aspects such as climate change and environmental protection” and will be promoted by the cultural and artistic association Panóplia, with the support of the Municipality of Gavião, União Parishes of Atalaia and Gavião and also of the Regional Directorate for Culture of Alentejo.

Cantares e Saberes is part of the pilot project “Don’t Play with Fire!”, The result of a partnership between AGIF – Agency for the Integrated Management of Rural Fires – and the Ministry of Culture, jointly with the respective Regional Culture Directorates , who implement the project in the regions defined by AGIF.

The initiative starts at three o’clock in the afternoon at Casa do Povo in Gavião, with a street art workshop , promoted by the artist Effe. The street artist will introduce the group of participants to the basic techniques of urban arts, focusing on the theme of forest consequences of fires to, together, finish painting a wall, already started by the artist.

As of 9 pm, the Cantares e Saberes training action continues at Miradouro do Cruzeiro, with the opening session that will include the participation of the vice-president of Câmara do Gavião, António Severino; the president of the Union of Juntas da Atalaia and Gavião, Germano Porfírio; the commander of the Gavião Volunteer Firefighters, Fernando Delgado; the regional director of Culture of Alentejo, Ana Paula Amendoeira; AGIF representative, Sara Otero; and also the CEO of the artistic-cultural sector consultant Partnia, Carla Branco.

“In this session, a short introduction to the pilot project and the framing of the theme of Cantares e Saberes will be made: raising awareness for the prevention of fires and the importance of art and culture in the transmission of awareness messages”, informs the association Panóplia.

This will be followed by the exhibition of the video “Time to (Re) live”, produced by Francisco Leocádio, which gathers testimonies from some of the local residents of the municipality of Gavião who have already fought or were affected by the fires. This action ends with a concert by Pedro Vicente Trio, “where the artists will present a song produced specifically for the event and will set the tone for the awareness message”.