Inspector General calls on companies to make donations

The Food and Economic Security Authority (ASAE) last year donated 4.4 tons of food and more than 14,000 economic goods to 70 entities from 47 counties in 18 districts of mainland Portugal.

According to data from ASAE, which agency Lusa had access to, last year food inspections were assessed in food products valued at 20,971 euros and non-food products worth 240,667 euros, making a total of 261,637 euros.

A total of 4.4 tons of food, 72 packages and 532 units of food products were seized. 14,034 garments and accessories were also seized, as well as 250 sprays, 42 toys, 30 consoles, two boilers and 44 domestic textiles. Among the 97 donations made in 2016 are products such as meat and meat products, fish and fish products, cereals in nature, chocolates, various foodstuffs (sausages, bread and cheese), honey, clothing and accessories, sprays, toys, consoles , Boilers / water heaters and household textiles.

The districts of Faro, Lisbon, Santarém and Coimbra were the districts where there were more institutions receiving donated goods, more than 10 entities. According to ASAE data, among the entities that received donations are public institutions and social reintegration, family and community support, support for children and youth, support for old age, disability, conservation of species and habitats, support for those with disability and incapacity, support and protection of animals and social response of national institution.

According to the official, the balance of donations in recent years “is positive” and the future objective is “to continue in a logic of geographical equity, diversification of users, beneficiaries and increasingly involve economic entities in this policy.” By 2015, ASAE had seized 25.7 tons of food products and 5,325 non-food products, totalling 302,000 euros. That year, 67 donations were made to 49 entities from 33 counties in 14 districts