The ASAE seized about half a ton of pork during the last holiday season and arrest three people

In supervisory actions, that body detected pig carcasses and roasted piglets that had been slaughtered in “improvised facilities” in “unlicensed” establishments.

“The piglets were intended for a number of customers, some from the catering sector in the Elvas, Terrugem and Pombal areas, and were slaughtered without any sanitary control, in facilities with a lack of hygiene and without drinking water, which severely compromised the safety of foodstuffs food, “ASAE said in a statement on Tuesday.

In the scope of these operations conducted by the centre and southern regional units of ASAE, two criminal cases were opened for clandestine slaughter and about 60 pig carcases were seized, for a total value of 3870 euros. Three people were arrested who were caught in the act.