The Association of Employees of ASAE (ASFASAE), meeting on 27th May 2017 Lisbon, approved “to try to commence immediate legal action against the Ministry of Economy to request compensation for inspectors.

The violation of the constitutional principle “equal work, equal pay” is the basis of the action, explains the union in a statement released on 28th May, adding that the Ministry of Economy should compensate the deputy inspectors and technical inspectors of ASAE, “at a value corresponds to the difference between the actual salary earned and the salary they should earn”, equal to that of the inspectors of the higher-inspection career who “perform the same functions”.

The union in that statement threatens to protest if the proposed statute, which the Government will refer to the trade union association until 9 June, does not achieve that requested by ASAE inspectors namely a single career, pay scale and necessary Supplementary remuneration, the regulation of access to the positions of the ASAE Directorate and the special retirement scheme.

If this claim is not fulfilled, the association promises to carry out vigils, and “conduct protest and awareness actions at airports, cruise terminals, marinas, train stations, tourist attractions”, among others.

“The Assembly of Delegates also mandated the current ASFASAE  national leadership to carry out a three day national strike after June 27, should the Government’s position at the negotiating table remain unchanged,” the statement concluded