An explosion at an ATM in Maceira, in the municipality of Leiria, on 6th October destroyed the premises of a bank branch, according to Lusa quoting volunteer firefighters of that village.

The explosion in the ATM occurred at 05:20, according to GNR source, adding that the investigation of the case is in charge of the Judiciary Police.

In addition to having “totally destroyed” the bank branch, installed on the ground floor of a three-story building, the blast also “damaged” three commercial establishments,according to Volunteer Bombeiros commander Luís Ferreira .

However, the structure of the building was not affected.

Following the blast, a “small fire” occurred, but without causing major damage, the source added, indicating that he was unaware of any casualties.

The explosion was caused by “at least two people” who attacked the automatic teller machine, but it is not yet known if the robbery was actually consummated.

The bank facilities affected are one of four banking branches operating in the town of Maceira and seat of parish with about ten thousand inhabitants.

Meanwhile three ATMs were blown up early on 6th October in the municipalities of Vila do Conde, Maia and Paredes.

The assaults, which could have been committed by the same group – four or five hooded persons who were armed, in a black BMW – occurred between 02.00 and 04.50 hrs in Labruge (Vila do Conde), S. Pedro de Fins (Maia) and Recarei.

In at least two of the cases, the ATMS were installed in bank branches.