A major fire at a paper mill in the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira was finally brought under control at midnight on 17th March after breaking out in the late afternoon. At one stage it was being fought by about 135 firefighters and 45 vehicles, according to the District Relief Operations Command (CDOS) in Aveiro.

The company had four paper and cardboard waste warehouses, with three of them being “totally taken” by the fire, said Jose Carlos Pinto, commander of the Lourosa Voluntary Firefighters, who said last night that the strategy now is to “lower the intensity” of flames. He added that firefighters cannot enter the factory premises because of the high temperatures, he told reporters at the scene.

Some employees were able to retrieve computers and other material on time. The owner of the factory, approached by Lusa, declined to comment.

According to SIC, there had been a danger of fire spreading to houses that were quite close to the burning factory, as well as to another factory that is next door. There are no victims reported.