Six of the 23 defendants arrested by the GNR of Aveiro on 14th and 15th September suspected of belonging to a drug trafficking network have been placed under detention by order of a court. The first judicial interrogation of the detainees began in Wednesday, the Criminal Chamber of Aveiro, and ended this Friday 18th September at around 21:00.

The criminal instruction judge ordered the arrest and detention for six men. The remaining defendants are subject to periodic visits to the police. The suspects are charged with conspiracy crimes, drug trafficking and possession of a prohibited weapon.

The arrests occurred during house searches carried out as part of an investigation which took place over the last few months. During the operation, 3,292 individual doses of hashish, 554 individual doses of cocaine as well as” significant quantities” of hashish pollen, cannabis, MDMA and ‘speed’ were seized. The GNR also seized large amounts of cash, mobile phones, several motor vehicles and a firearm.