ASAE has dismantled an illegal casino operating in the center of Barcelos. The operation took place close to midnight on 25th March and led to the arrest of 10 individuals between the ages of 40 and 65.

In the illegal casino, which had been operating for several years in an apartment in the Torre Ampal on Avenida Alcaides de Faria, “illegal poker” was taking place, ASAE said in a statement.

The information note also states that the investigation was started four months ago. In the course of a search warrant, the individuals were arrested  “caught in the act”, and the players and the person in charge of the apartment were accused.

All the material found in the place was seized, highlighting a table, a box of playing chips and a deck of cards.

“There were a lot of complaints from residents about the noise and what the casino looked like to the building,” an investigation source told Jornel de Noticais. “There were days, when the casino worked almost all night,” he added.

The operation was supported by PSP.