“Never turn back the sea, watch children constantly” and “pay special attention to rip tides.” These are some of the advice of the National Maritime Authority for the trips to the beach with the official date of the end of the bathing season.

The bathing season has already ended on most Portuguese beaches. As many beaches no longer have the permanent assistance of lifeguards, coupled with the lack of signage and equipment to assist swimmers, it is therefore fundamental that people care in terms of safety, “said the Maritime Authority.

Respecting an interval of three hours after a normal meal before swimming, not turning your back on the sea and paying attention rip tides are also advice that was given.

As for the rip tides, “they can be fatal and cause death by drowning. You should not panic or try to beat the current by trying to swim against it.

If you enter a rip tide, you should summon help and swim sideways (parallel) to the coast line until you no longer feel the effect of the current. Then try and swim towards the shore. “he concludes.