Bennetts Bedrooms 

Overview of services

Here at Bennetts Bedrooms we are a family run and owned business in the heart of the Algarve. We create, deliver, and personalise your dream bed, where tailored craftsman and hand sewers are on side to design your bed. We can make all sizes European, British, and Bespoke. 

We also have one of the largest selections of beds in Portugal, we are sure to find you your perfect night’s sleep. We supply bed from across Europe, deliver and install directly to your home. 


Brief Company History

Bennetts Bedrooms have been supplying some of the world’s best beds for over 10 years! We take huge pride in working with the best in the industry, from royal appointment from His Majesty the King, Sleepeezee, Silentnight, Smattex, Dunlopillo, MLily and many more. We are always looking for new and exciting product such as advanced electric beds, clever storage options and sleek and stylish TV beds for that ultimate media bed experience. We are a family run and owned business and continue to provide luxury products for generations to come. 



Bennett’s Bedrooms provides for the expatriate community with brands that are recognisable and reliable. We also supply for the local Portuguese Brands such as Emma, we can supply from a huge price range to suit any price string.


Company slogan

‘Welcome to a good nights sleep’


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