GNR Faro have arrested five men aged between 60 – 70 years responsible for a number of thefts and robberies throughout the country.

Nicknamed the “Beret Gang” because they usually wore berets (boinas), they would enter banks posing as ordinary customers and follow customers who had withdrawn large sums of money. As soon as the money was left unattended for instance in a car, the gang took the opportunity to break in a steal, pulling the caps over part of their faces to avoid being recognized. The gang used top range vehicles to follow victims, including Mercedes and some hire cars.

The gang are believed to be mainly resident in Setabul and were arrested by Faro GNR, who conducted the investigation, in Gondamar. One gang member was arrested in Baixa do Banheira.

The GNR investigation has led officers to believe that the gang could have operated for up to 10 years with proceeds amounting to over €1 million.

It was subsequently reported in the Correio da Manha on 26th October that since the arrest many more victims are being identified.