The C.ª de Lobos Police Division of the Regional Police of the Public Security Police of Madeira, through the Câmara de Lobos municipality, have arrested a person caught in the act of vehicle theft and driving without legal authorization.

From the measures taken, it was possible to associate the detainee with other thefts, and it was possible to recover a laptop that had been stolen on April 8, in the city of Funchal.

The stolen vehicle was returned to the victim, thus recovering his property that had been staken from him.

Just earlier the same Police subunit, managed to recover a cell phone belonging to a citizen who was victim of theft inside a heavy passenger vehicle. After the formalization of the Denunciation in the Camera Squad of Lobos, the police immediately located the suspect who was found to be in the possession of the stolen mobile phone.

The PSP Regional Command of Madeira requests all citizens who are victims of theft, robbery or any other crime, to contact, in the shortest possible time, any PSP Squad in order to initiate police intervention in a timely manner.