In accordance with the framework of a preventive operation to combat drug trafficking, the Criminal Investigation unit – Câmara de Lobos Police, have arrested a woman, residing in the municipality of Câmara de Lobos, indicted for the crime of drug trafficking.

Investigations carried out by the Security Police Public, resulted in the seizure of about 486 individual doses of product suspected of being “Pollen “Hashish”, which is prohibited by law, as well as a kitchen knife used to cut the narcotic used by consumers of these illegal psychoactive additives.

The detainee was constituted defendant, subject to expiration of identity and residence and was present at the Investigation and Criminal Action of the Judicial District of Madeira, for the first judicial interrogation and,

Application of other measures of coercion was made, where it confirmed the measure of term and identity and residence.

The Regional Command of the PSP of Madeira recommends to all citizens that, whenever they have knowledge of or suspect a crime to contact, in the shortest possible time the PSP Police Station in order to enable police intervention in good time and for better service to the community.