Four individuals who tried to extort money from a business man in Caldas da Rainha, forcing him to make a transfer at an ATM, were detained by police late Thursday morning 13th December, near Expoeste, in Caldas da Rainha.

The businessman, about 50 years old, was approached by the four to provide a locksmith service at a construction site in the industrial area of ​​Gaeiras, Óbidos municipality, but when he arrived he was coerced to use a firm’s ATM card and transfer money to the suspects.

The man was taken in a jeep accompanied by two of the men, while the other two followed in another car. They went to Caldas da Rainha, where the businessman tried to prolong the trip to the ATM.

In the meanwhile a relative of the victim, who knew about the service, was able to contact the businessman by mobile phone and realized that something was wrong. He alerted the police, giving the possible destination location that was transmitted to him by the victim using his mobile phone.

Near to the ATM, next to the exhibition centre Expoeste, the police interception was mounted. PSP and GNR military officers arrived and gave orders for the suspects to lie on the ground.

The suspects, aged 30 to 50 from the Lisbon area, are charged with kidnapping and attempted extortion and robbery.

They were present at the first judicial interrogation in the court of Caldas da Rainha, and despite having a criminal record, they were given a term of identity and residency until trial.

According a media report this displeased the police authorities, especially since the individuals were caught in the act.